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The Harvey Server Rescue Project
Hosting Provider Codero and Partners Provide Support to Companies Hit by Hurricane Harvey

September 1st, 2017

Austin, Texas: Codero Holdings, Inc. (Codero), an Austin-based hosting company, is assisting Houston companies with backup and recovery services after Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey by providing virtual cloud space and physical space in the Codero Dallas Data Center. 

As part of the initial response to businesses affected by the storm, Codero Reseller Partner CloudSpace USA transported several servers to Austin, saving the systems from flooded Houston locations and providing temporary space in an Austin data center. They reached out to Codero for space for additional servers and Codero gladly stepped up. Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) provider Infrascale, a Codero partner, will provide recovery space in their online backup cloud. The three companies have teamed up to provide business server space for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, either in the Codero Dallas Data Center or in the cloud with Infrascale and AWS.  

Since the storm and its aftermath will likely severely affect these businesses and the Texas economy for some time, Codero, CloudSpace, and Infrascale will continue to provide assistance for companies needing backup or replacement server requirements.  

Codero staff and volunteers will be working over the Labor Day weekend to support these businesses through this crisis. The goal is to minimize downtime and get multiple organizations back up and running as soon as possible – maintaining the Codero commitment to customer support even under catastrophic circumstances. For more on how Codero is assisting with Hurricane Harvey relief, please contact or the Codero support team.

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