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Streaming Media Companies Move to Codero Hosting, Reduce Listener Churn with 100% Uptime

November 12th, 2014

The leading provider of on-demand dedicated, managed, cloud and hybrid hosting services, Codero Hosting is providing streaming media companies with nearly 100 percent uptime even as audiences exponentially grow, demands increase and traffic unpredictably spikes.

“We pride ourselves on delivering on-demand hosting solutions that are faster, more reliable and more cost-effective than other providers. Uptime and rapid scalability are absolutely critical in the streaming media industry. We meet the unique demands of these organizations and are able to guarantee uptime by providing top bare metal performance, redundancy with data centers across the country, round-the-clock network and security monitoring, and ‘always on’ customer service. Our on-demand automated infrastructure scales up seamlessly to accommodate the changing needs of our streaming media customers,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Codero Hosting.

“Our audience expects connection reliability; when they click ‘listen’ they want to know programming is going to come through nonstop. We previously used other hosting providers and they were lacking in all the important areas – speed, capabilities, scalability – and capacity has always been the biggest issue,” said Philip Foltz, owner, HD Radio Network. “We often lost listeners when connection was interrupted. Codero puts us in the control seat and gives us everything we need at the right price.”

“Before moving to Codero Hosting, we faced no end of problems with speed, technical support – which was woeful at times – and faulty technology just when our business began to grow. We were also prone to security issues that our hosting providers simply couldn't deal with effectively,” said Lorin Cutts, Partner and Head of Business and Marketing for KGRA Digital Broadcasting. “With Codero, we now have effectively 100 percent up time and our churn rate has improved dramatically; we have not lost members due to technical issues.”

“The most important factor is the constant availability of the senior-level, experienced Codero technical team,” said Sam Hasson, CEO of LA Talk Radio. “Any time we have issues or concerns, we have immediate access to experts who can help quickly resolve any issues.”

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