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Codero Launches Industry’s Only On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Hosting

October 23rd, 2013

Best-of-breed cloud, networking and dedicated hosting technologies combined to provide flexibility and strength of public cloud with robustness and security of traditional IT infrastructure.

Codero Hosting (, a leading provider of dedicated, managed, cloud and hybrid hosting services, released its On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Hosting offering today – the industry’s only true hybrid solution. Codero combined its best-of-breed cloud and dedicated hosting technologies to provide customers with the flexibility and strength of a public cloud with the robustness and security of traditional IT infrastructure. With this more flexible computing model, businesses can simultaneously run applications on traditional and cloud infrastructure, depending on the unique needs of each individual application.

“The delivery of IT has completely shifted. While public cloud hosting was the hype a few years ago, it is now clear that a more adaptable computing model is needed in order for businesses to run their applications in the best ways possible,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO and president of Codero Hosting. “Our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Hosting was developed based on the reality of how businesses deploy and run applications today. It gives customers the power to use the IT resources best suited for their individual needs, getting the best of all worlds through one trusted partner with unparalleled hosting expertise – a true on-demand IT infrastructure model.”

While other hosting providers may claim hybrid functionality, they are not able to deliver all the components without bridging to proprietary or outside sources, making for a significantly more expensive and less elegant solution with no single point of accountability. Codero’s On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Hosting enables customers to get native dedicated and cloud instances in one private network in an easy click-and-drop approach. Now in just minutes, a business can provision a hybrid network and spin up cloud and dedicated instances on demand in a completely automated manner.

Codero’s On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Hosting features include:

  • On-demand scalability for usage spikes
  • No I/O resource contentions for databases
  • Ultimate combination of IT architectures and performance
  • Customizable network performance
  • Dedicated servers, Smart Servers™, cloud servers and networking devices connect with ease
  • Customers pay only for connection speeds needed
  • Guaranteed 100 percent network uptime


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