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Rewards Program is a No-Cost Way to Obtain Codero Server Products for New Year

January 25th, 2011

Businesses take advantage of unique program from infrastructure-as-a-service provider to add more products and services without tapping into 2011 budget

Lenexa, Kan. — January 25, 2011 — With the start of a new year, Codero customers are finding the company's Rewards Program a beneficial way to upgrade their server solutions without having to spend money. The program is particularly beneficial at the beginning of a new year when budgets are being scrutinized and upgrades are in demand.

The customer loyalty program is structured for customers to earn free points for every dollar spent with Codero. The points are good towards upgrading dedicated servers, adding bandwidth, extra disk space, firewalls, online backup solutions and more. Over time, the points can add up so customers are able to secure the products and services needed to help their hosting environment without dipping into budgets for more money.

According to Codero customer Jeff Carter, President of Rockbrook Summer Camp for Girls in Brevard, North Carolina, "We run a very active social network for our summer camp staff members and campers.  When we wanted to install new custom software on our server, it took just a simple phone call to describe what we needed, and within an hour, the Codero support team had everything set up. This kind of specialized technical support would ordinarily be an extra expense, but thanks to the Codero Rewards Program, it didn't cost a penny!"

The rate of earning points from the Rewards program increases over time, growing with each dollar spent with Codero. For example, one year of Basic Managed Hosting services can be obtained with 35,000 points.  Rewards may be redeemed at any time once a points milestone has been reached. An online Rewards Catalog shows the complete list of available redemption items.

"We have hosted our site at Codero for several years now," continued Carter, "and we have been consistently pleased with the level of support and technical expertise managing our dedicated server.  Migrating from our previous hosting company and setting up our new server went flawlessly. We're definitely here to stay."

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