Eco-friendly Hosting

Team Codero is committed to Sustainable Actions

Team Codero is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible way. We utilize the latest technologies to lower the environmental cost of server and cloud hosting without compromising any of the performance, reliability, and value you expect from us. We know how to deliver a green solution, without compromising on the criteria important to you. We love green so much, that we selected that color to be in our Logo, and be part of our corporate colors.

Codero's decision to go green began when employees sought to extend the organization's culture to its customers. Employees realized there was an overlap in the environmental values they held with the values of those they serve. Both understood that data centers have a measurable environmental impact. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. data centers account for roughly 1.5% of all U.S. electricity consumption. Recognizing the high energy usage and carbon footprint of the industry, customers began searching for hosting companies utilizing clean, renewable energy. Read all about Codero's green initiative in this case study:

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Cloud Hosting ... Save Energy ... Save Green

Codero's green initiatives extend to Cloud hosting which features a better utilization of server resources, more efficient power consumption and less overall waste of energy. View our Cloud Infographic to learn the statistics that tell the story of how green Cloud is.

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Green with Codero

Cloud Computing is Green Editor's Choice Green Hosting Award

Going Greener Every Day

We have no less than 10 projects at any one time around reducing power consumption, and increasing power efficiency of our data centers. We have made that an imperative in our company, as we consider ourselves stewards of this planet we live in . As an example, Codero is continuing its green endeavors by making a difference in our power supplies. All servers are reconfigured so they run more efficiently with less energy consumption. Power supplies in the Codero data center have all been updated to reduce energy consumption by 25-30% with the purchase of certified power supplies.

Reducing carbon emissions with our green servers and data center efficiency is just the beginning. Company-wide, Codero takes part in a waste reduction plan. Our employees are engaged in sustainable practices including recycling old servers, responsible electronic recycling, donating used furniture, low lighting, e-billing, waste-reduction efforts and more.

American Forests

Codero also plants trees to offset carbon and produce oxygen through a Plant-a-Tree program which encourages new customer to help with reforestation

Below are some quick tips that all of us at Codero live by every day. If you would like to incorporate the benefits of living green into your life, you can download 8 Eco-friendly Ideas to help sustain the planet.

8 Eco-friendly Ideas