The Codero Rewards Program

Codero Hosting + Rewards Points = More Power for you

Codero really cares about your business, and wants to prove it by giving back to you, our customers! We want to reward you for hosting with us because you deserve it! No other hosting solution provider does that for their customers. For every dollar you spend* with Codero, you can earn free points.


These points are good toward upgrading your dedicated server; adding a firewall or online backup solution; increasing your bandwidth; adding managed services, or upgrading to a new hosting or network solution. Reward Points from Codero Hosting are a special benefit that you cannot get with any other hosting or cloud provider. View Rewards Catalog.

Here is what one of our very happy customers said:

"When we wanted to install new custom software on our server, it took just a simple phone call to Codero. Within an hour, the support team had everything set. This kind of technical support would ordinarily be an extra expense, but thanks to the Codero Rewards Program, it didn't cost a penny!"

Over time, the points really add up! Once you have enough points, adding a firewall or utilizing advanced support services won't cost you a thing. Codero Rewards is a great way to build and upgrade your hosting solution. Here's how it works:

Rewards Rate of Earning
First Year 2 points/dollar spent
After Year 1 4 points/dollar spent
After Year 2 6 points/dollar spent
After Year 3 8 points/dollar spent
After Year 4 10 points/dollar spent

It's easy to get started:

  1. Already a Codero customer? Then you're eligible!
  2. Complete the application form (and receive your 1st 200 points).
  3. Your Rate of Earning (above) increases over time - and is retroactive to your original service start date with Codero/
  4. Rewards may be redeemed at any time once you've reached a Points milestone for any item on the Rewards Catalog.
  5. Would you like to get points faster? Refer a friend and get 5 points per dollar they spend for the first month.

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* Rewards Program Terms & Conditions