Customize and Deploy
Codero Cloud Servers On-Demand

Take advantage of our powerful, on-demand, hybrid-ready Public Cloud to boost the performance and flexibility of your IT infrastructure. With a full suite of OS’s, guaranteed CPU performance, and a streamlined Cloud control panel, you can scale your IT resources as your business requires. Rely on the Codero Cloud to quickly deploy IT assets when you need them, only paying for the resources
you use.

The Benefits of the Codero Public Cloud

  • Fully Automated - Scale
    And Provision Cloud
    Servers Instantly
  • Guaranteed CPU Performance
  • RAID10 Storage for
    Maxiumim IO Performance
  • Responsive Cloud
    Control Panel
  • 100% Power and Network
    Uptime Guarantee
  • Numerous OS Flavors
    To Choose From
  • Reliable Platform
  • Hybrid Ready - Dual VLANs
    Enabled (Public & Private)
  • Live, 24/7/365
    U.S.-Based Support
  • Hourly Usage or
    Monthly Pre-Pay Billing

Creating an account is free.
Pay only for what you use.

Exceptional Service… in the Cloud

The Codero Cloud is built on the foundation of Codero’s exceptional service. We won’t sell you on hype. We’ve tested to ensure we can give you the best cloud server performance and reliability, all at the best value. With 24/7/365, U.S.-Based support via chat, ticket or phone; guaranteed CPU performance; and 100% Uptime Guarantee we take your cloud hosting needs seriously.

Instant and EASY Scalability

Instantly add, upgrade, or pause your Codero Cloud Server at anytime. With our responsive control panel, you can manage your cloud hosting infrastructure from any browser, on nearly every device.

Performance & Reliability

Codero Cloud servers come with guaranteed CPU performance and are built on RAID10 for maximum storage IO performance.

Optimize and Control your IT Spend

Change the majority of your hosting costs from Cap-Ex to OP-Ex. Now you can quickly add or delete multiple Virtual Machines as needed for your applications throughout the year or even on an hourly basis - all on the fly. And with Codero Cloud’s pre-pay or hourly utility billing you can track your hourly expenses.

Easy Control Panel

Managing your Codero Cloud Servers and Deploying your workloads have never been easier. Built from the ground up, and designed for quick access to the features administrators need to manage their cloud servers.

Private Networking Built-In

Codero’s Cloud is hybrid ready with secure private networking built-in. From one cloud instance to many. All Cloud instances you deploy can talk with each other over a unified back-end private network, dedicated exclusively to your solution.

Deploy your Operating System of Choice

Select the right operating system for the project. The Codero Cloud supports ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Windows.


Creating an account is free.
Pay only for what you use.

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Codero Public Cloud Use Cases

Dynamic Workloads
With Variable Peak Times

Scalable Web & SAAS Applications

Development, Testing & QA Environments

High Trafficked Marketing
Applications & Websites

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