Proactively Protect Your Cloud Servers from Malicious Traffic

Cloud Firewall

Codero Cloud Firewall benefits

  • FREE for every Codero Cloud customer.
  • Configure individual firewall rules for your application
    based on traffic type, port or IP range.
  • Configure new rules in seconds through customer portal.
  • Fully configurable via the Codero Cloud API.
  • Highly scalable to meet ever-increasing demand.

What is the Codero Cloud Firewall?

The Codero Cloud Firewall builds next-level security directly into each Cloud server. The Codero Cloud Firewall gives users the control to block incoming traffic from specific malicious sources based on customizable security rules determined by the user.

Why the Cloud Firewall?

Added Protection

The Codero Cloud firewall helps protect your Cloud servers from common exploits that could affect availability, compromise security, and/or consume excessive resources. You can also use the Codero Cloud Firewall to create custom rules that block unauthorized access to your server and or implement rules that are designed for your specific application.

Immediate Control

New rules can be deployed within seconds, letting you respond quickly to changing traffic patterns. Also, you can automate the creation and management of the Codero Cloud Firewall through a full-featured API. Moreover, all the firewall processing happens before the traffic connects to your Codero Cloud Server, so you don’t have to worry about constrained resources.