Jul 14, 2015

Zespy Goes Global With Codero Hosting

As a Codero employee, one of my favorite things to do is discover customers of ours that have unique, awesome stories and are helping to transform the world into a better place. I’d like to introduce you to Zespy Programming Services, which is helping to make the world a smaller place by creating a place for students around the world to learn English for specialized jobs. Zespy’s work changes the way people internationalize business and opens new doors for people to attain the exact career they want.

For example, a Russian PHP developer can take a course to learn specific English language and phrases pertaining to PHP, making him/her more apt to work with an English speaking team on a project. Whether you’re trying to land a job as a botanist, auto mechanic, or anything in between, Zespy is here to help — and it’s all powered by Codero Hosting.

The Origins of Zespy

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden: the home of Zespy.

Zespy was born when its founder had the idea to build a platform that enabled people to learn English within a specific focus. The company began as a Master’s Thesis for Larry Zoumas during his time at City University in London. Zoumas said he “wanted to build a tool to allow ESL/EFL teachers to create their own topical English courses, use these courses with their students, and share them with other teachers and students around the world.” Over the years, it evolved from a Master’s Thesis project into a global platform that’s transforming the business world in more than 175 countries!

Filling a Market Need

General English courses don’t offer the level of specialization needed to communicate within specific industries. For instance, no general English course will teach someone all the terminology needed to become an auto mechanic or run a hotel. For someone with a goal of attaining a specialized job, Zespy offers a service that stands unparalleled in the industry.

“It’s English for very specific purposes,” Zoumas says. The user experience is engaging and allows students to learn the specific lessons they want, at their own pace, through hundreds of reading, listening, writing, and speaking activities. Zespy has managed to “gamify” the learning by allowing its students to compete with other users around the world, helping keep them engaged and excited to return for more lessons.

“All student activity is tracked in a database,” says Zoumas, “so students can compete for the best scores in their respective country!”

Zespy and Codero

Codero + Zespy

Zespy has been a Codero customer since the very beginning. Zespy was designed before the SaaS revolution, when hosting was a more risky and costly resource. When looking for a hosting provider, Zoumas placed reliability above everything else. Early experiences with Codero established a positive track record that continues to this day as we continue to provide peace of mind. Rather than worrying whether or not his platform was going to be up-and-running, Zoumas was free to continue improving and growing Zespy into the platform it is today.

“Using Codero to host gives me one less thing to worry about.”

— Larry Zoumas, Zespy Programming Services

Today, Zespy has users in 184 countries and is powered by multiple dedicated servers connected through Codero’s robust network. This complex infrastructure powers the streaming and dynamic content delivery, which is the foundation of Zespy’s mission. With Codero’s infrastructure, Zespy hosts streaming audio and interactive lessons, which includes reading, listening comprehension, writing, quizzes, and “speaking activities” to test users’ retention. Zespy is increasing both the amount of content they steam and their capabilities, making network performance and uptime even more critical.

Plans for Growth and the Future of Zespy

Zoumas is determined to continue to grow Zespy and increase global expansion. Zoumas says that Codero’s network delivers premium performance around the world.

“Codero’s ping times and network peering throughout the world are much better than average,” Zoumas said, “no matter where Zespy’s users log in from. That’s very important because we have many more domains and subject areas planned, including the ability for teachers to create their own new subject areas and courses. Codero allows us to scale globally.”

Zoumas also said that Zespy may expand to languages other than English once the team completes its vision with English language courses. No matter where the future takes Zespy, Codero will be there to provide the necessary infrastructure to power its vision!

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