Jun 1, 2012

Youlian brings the +Value to life

In our header of our website, you see four words beside our name: Best Reliability+Performance + Value.  These are words we live by at Codero, and today I would like to focus on the word Value and share with you one of the reasons Codero can offer great Value to our customers.  Two words, though not easy to spell, play a major role in this:  Youlian Ouzounov.

Youlian Ouzounov has been responsible for all purchases made by Codero for as long as the company has been around and was recently promoted to our Procurement and Office Manager.  Today is Youlian’s 18th anniversary with the company.  No one has been here longer or seen more than Youlian.  Some people in our industry are celebrating their 18th birthday this year, not their 18th anniversary with a company!  Yes, 18 years at one company, creating Value with every interaction, e-mail and phone call.  Youlian is one great negotiator—just ask our vendors!  He does it so that he can bring the best values to our customers every day.   With those negotiating skills, and his ability to conduct strategic procurement comes less cost for Codero which allows us in turn to offer exceptional Value to our customers (the best in the industry!).  But in addition to this, he simply is a company man, always there to do whatever is needed, in his humble non-boastful way.  Day after day.  Night after Night.  For 18 years.

Please join me in thanking Youlian for 18 years of service to Codero and our customers.  He’s the unsung hero, the man behind the scenes who is helping create tremendous Value for our customers and who helps put smiles on the faces of our employees every day. On behalf of all of our customers:  Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Danke, Shukran!

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  • Chris Branding

    Congrats Youlian. It has been a pleasure working with you since I came to Codero. Here’s to another 18;)

  • Codero Hosting is a such great company to stay with for life! I’m sure I’ll tell you again in another 17 years when I have my 18th anniversary.

    For now I would like to say OBRIGADO* to Youlian on behalf of all Brazilians, both employees and customers from Brazil

    Marcelino Janing
    Web Developer

    *OBRIGADO = Thank you

  • Best Reliability + Performance + Value not only defines the Codero experience, it also defines Mr Youlian Ouzounov. His level of commitment and drive is inspirational. His ability to acquire inventory quickly to satisfy large and/or custom solutions make him extremely valuable to Codero and is often the unsung hero in our customers eyes. Here is to Youlian and the next 18+ years!

  • Lenny

    Youlian’s negotiation skills and his ability to match his shoes with his shirts is unmatched. Обичам да работя с Юлиян.