Emil Sayegh

Dec 20, 2012

You Spoke. We Listened: New Features and 2nd Generation Smart Servers(TM) in Phoenix

2nd generation Smart Servers are here!
With the flock of customers adopting Codero Smart Servers, I’m proud to announce that we’re adding a wave of 2nd generation features. We’ve heard the wish list and we’ve delivered. Plus, Smart Servers are now available at our flagship Phoenix, Arizona data center. Smart Servers still have all the original features, plus more:

  • More locations― you choose where your Smart Servers are hosted: Ashburn, VA, Chicago, Illinois, and now Phoenix, AZ.
  • More operating system flavors― select your OS, including: CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows.
  • Backup with snapshots― Snapshots are a backup of the server at that specific moment. You can choose on-demand and scheduled data backup.
    • On-demand backup: Manual backup features let customers choose when to backup. This allows for backups more often or ability to backup after critical changes have been made.
    • Snapshot scheduling: This option puts snapshot backups on a schedule, which you as the customer select. Users can choose daily, weekly, monthly, backups at various time slots. Consistent and scheduled backups keep data protected and prevent data loss.
    • Customize hardware anytime― Customers can add more ram or storage at any time.

Codero Hosting Data CenterWhy Smart Servers?
Smart Servers from Codero are a technology that we see as an innovative, game changer for both the hosting and cloud markets. It’s really an ideal option when one needs the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud and the security and high-performance of Dedicated Server environments. By merging the best attributes of Cloud and Dedicated technologies, we’ve been able to give customers complete control over all of their dedicated server resources. This includes CPU cycles, memory, and storage capacity. The verdict? Customers can’t get enough. They love it and they want it in all our DCs!

Codero Smart Servers are perfect if you:

  • Need dedicated hardware and the ability to scale up fast
  • Have apps that need high I/O or databases,
  • Want to be able to make modifications to your system and snapshot changes, or;
  • Would like isolated demos or training servers for your customers on a moments notice.

With Smart Servers it’s simple. From ordering to logging in, it only takes minutes.

Greater Control and Instant Deployment
Today, our data centers in Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia already offer Smart Servers. And, most customers tell us they can’t even remember a time without them or a time when they had to wait an hour or more to get a server deployed. Those days are history. All Codero Smart Servers are ready to deploy almost instantly and automatically. Customers with Smart Servers can also access their servers from anywhere on the web with remote VNC. Private networking capabilities also let Smart Server customers create multiple server configurations as needed.

Easy One Click Scalability, Upgrades and Migrations
One of the biggest benefits of Smart Servers? Simplified server management. With one-click users can access their operating system console through Server Portal, easily, quickly, and reliably. One-click and you’re in. It puts everything you need to run your server at your fingertips. This includes the ability to upgrade hardware with a single click and migrate in minutes as needs change.

Speed and Performance
High disk Input/Output also means customers don’t have to compromise speed or performance when running large databases―since it’s a dedicated resource. Your I/O intensive databases will run with ease because users aren’t sharing resources with 10 to 12 other people. Because Smart Servers are built on Codero’s rock solid network, customers are also confident their website and applications will be up and running.

Just like with all of our other hosting solutions, wherever you host your Smart Server you’ll have the security of knowing your infrastructure is hosted in Codero’s award-winning data center environment. Should you need it, you’re also backed by our exceptional support team. From simple to complex, we’re available to solve problems and resolve issue quickly. If you have questions about our new Smart Server features we are always a chat or phone call away.


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