May 30, 2012

Why Fast is Good. Get on the Internet Autobahn fast through Codero!

Do you rely on dedicated servers to provide the computing power you need to run your business? If the answer is yes, you probably need it up and running quickly as well. How fast do you need a dedicated server?  One Hour?  4 Hours? 2 Days? Or 2 weeks? If you’re like many of our customers, the sooner the better.

Why would you need a dedicated server so fast? We found out from our customers, that there are a variety of reasons. Maybe you need to launch that new site or application ahead of schedule. Maybe you’re dealing with unexpected downtime because your own server (or one from “another” hosting company) crashed. Maybe an internal error—in accounting, or purchasing, or a simple lost email—has left you one server short. Or maybe it is just plain bad planning on your part and you just need to have a server up and running sooner than expected! Either way, your friends in the business at Codero got you covered;)

At Codero, we believe that getting a server online as quickly as possible is one of the most important factors in hosting—arguably just as important as server hardware, operating system (OS), and software.

We have trained our teams, and developed our automation to deliver on that promise.  Our record in the last few months speaks for itself.  The data on our server delivery times just came in from our DC Operations team (this data includes both custom server and standard server installations):

  • Less than an hour: 17.9%
  • One to two hours: 42.9%
  • Two to four hours: 28.6%
  • Four to eight hours: 7.1%
  • Eight to 24 hours: 3.6%

Impressive?  That is just the beginning… We also offer an exclusive line of special Quick Deploy Servers—servers guaranteed to be online for you in an hour or less.

Quick Deploy Icon

If you look for the special one-hour icon, you will be able to identify them on our website. With a deployment time of under an hour, your online needs are met almost instantly. These servers are among the most popular we offer—there’s no sacrificing quality or performance for speed. And yes, these are bare metal dedicated servers in one hour or less, not VPSs, with no virtualization layers to get in between you and your raw processing power!

So… how can we deploy these servers so fast for you? A combination of operational automation and our expert operation team members at each of our data centers. Our Quick Deploy Servers are pre-set with the types of standard configurations we know most Codero customers generally need. Our team prides itself in being close to our customers, so they are good at not only providing speedy service, but also knowledgeable when it comes to the exact solutions that customers need.

Not only can we have our standard dedicated servers online in an hour, but we also deliver more than 90 percent of our customized dedicated servers in four hours or less.That’s even more impressive given the industry standard with some of our competitors is reported to be about 14 days! (Ughh!).  Still not fast enough? You can always deploy one of our cloud instances and be up and running in minutes.

You can’t afford to wait weeks or days for the server you needed yesterday. None of us can. If you are in a bind and need a dedicated server fast, always think of Codero. Go straight to the website, click on your server of choice with the 1 hour clock icon, and voila: you’re on the Internet Autobahn, and your server will be up and running in an hour. If you need something else, contact Codero’s team of pros at 866-2-CODERO or chat. They’ll be happy to talk through all your needs and figure out what’s best for you.  Remember that in the Internet age, fast is good, so go ahead give it a spin!

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