Aug 10, 2010

Who’s Really Creating New Businesses?

If you are an entrepreneur, you may want to view the statistics surrounding startup businesses which were compiled by the Kauffman Foundation. Some data may surprise you. These interactive charts make it easy to see who is really creating new businesses and where. The jobs created when startups are established are remarkably durable according to the Foundation.

There are as many unusual ways to start a business as there are people eager to try. Some of the top industries of the decade according to an IBISWorld report are VoIP, eCommerce and online dating. Other top performing industries were tank and armored vehicle manufacturing, petrochemical manufacturing, and warehouse clubs or supercenters like Costco and Walmart.

The rewards of successfully operating your own business are numerous. But in these economic times when unemployment runs high, startups do best when they have the foresight to think big and create a product or service that is not only innovative, but feasible.

No matter how long you have been business, it helps to put the magnifying glass up to your company to see if and when you need to refocus. Codero has begun the redefinition process and will soon be launching innovative initiatives in response to our customers’ needs for efficiency and agility in their infrastructure hosting.

What qualities do you think serve entrepreneurs best? Do you have an idea for an IT product or service that would help your business? 

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