Emil Sayegh

Feb 29, 2016

Where the Highest Performing Cloud Meets Service Excellence

When it comes to choosing a cloud hosting provider, business owners have two primary concerns: performance and service. Unfortunately, many hosting companies focus on one or the other, succumbing to the “Tyranny of the OR,” making this seemingly simple decision a huge headache—until now. At Codero, we believe in the power of the “AND.”

The Genius and Power of “And”

At Codero, we are all students of Jim Collins’ Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. Collins touted the “Tyranny of the OR,” a concept that explains that we are programmed from childhood to believe that when we are presented with two seemingly contradictory paths, we must choose one or the other (e.g. if one wishes to be a doctor, he/she cannot also be an artist). The “Or” mindset has us believe that one strategy will lead to success, and the other will not.

Conversely, our company and our Cloud were built around the concept of the “Genius of the AND,” which is the fierce insistence that our customers can and must have both the highest performing cloud and exceptional service, an unparalleled combination Codero is proud to offer–and we have the data to back it up:

The Highest Performing Cloud



Exceptional Service 

A lot of vendors offer strong performance offerings, but Codero stands out for their quality and excellent customer focus. Codero’s team is incredibly responsive and helpful!” – John Gemkow, VP of Information Technology for Delta Sigma Pi

Read the Delta Sigma Pi Customer Success Story to learn more about how America’s foremost business fraternity built lifelong business bonds through Codero Hosting.

AWS support was completely non-responsive, even though I had paid extra for it. This made me realize that I needed a partner who was helpful, responsive, and had the cloud solution to meet our performance criteria.” – Frank Wyton, owner of Wyware

Read the WyWare Customer Success Story to learn more about how the software development company increased their client base by 400% by switching their custom SaaS platform from Amazon Web Services to the Codero Cloud.

Codero: No-Compromise Hosting

Our expert team believes in creating a unique experience by providing hosting solutions that don’t require customers to subscribe to the “Tyranny of the OR;” Codero delivers the best performance, price, AND service – in other words: zero compromises.

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