Aug 23, 2016

When a Private Cloud is the Answer

For those that have as little as a casual awareness of the private cloud, its benefits stand out immediately. Flexible, powerful, easy-to-use, global, and cheap, cloud services have had a transformative and measurable impact on businesses for a number of years. We can thank marketing efforts as well as visible elements of consumer technology all around us for that general awareness.

The limits of public cloud

There is more to the story, however, because there are times when a business needs more than what the public cloud can provide. Businesses in a number of situations find themselves needing more control, more security, more visibility, and more privacy in order to meet a number of specialized business initiatives.

Under these circumstances, a public cloud cannot deliver. The resources are shared, the controls are minimal, and the very nature of a public cloud becomes an issue at every turn. It is at this moment that a private cloud becomes the best answer.

Why a private cloud?Private Cloud

A private cloud delivers on the need for a controlled, powerful, scalable, and secure environment. It provides companies with heightened control over their infrastructures, along with the flexibility to quickly add resources as needed. Whether an organization is looking at privacy concerns, specialized security concerns, or compliance with a variety of regulatory initiatives, a private cloud deployment delivers where a shared cloud product cannot.

A private cloud, a great solution

Codero’s solution: a cloud where organizations can fully control every element within their environments. This environment is based on VMware, and there are a number of incredible benefits to a private cloud deployment using this technology.

Codero’s Private Cloud on VMware allows clients to:

  • Rapidly scale their infrastructure systems, with rapid provisioning and optimized density.
  • Run systems on dedicated resources and hardware that are NEVER shared
  • Benefit from steady pricing that will not change or fluctuate month after month
  • Resize, move, spin-up, spin-down virtual machines at any time, without waiting
  • Flexible Resources: Easy deployment of scalable, redundant virtual machines
  • Eliminate costs unknowns such as storage and bandwidth overages
  • Enjoy the flexibility of provisioning and de-provisioning systems as needed
  • Be completely self-managed

Flexible, Capable, and Meeting Requirements

Growth, scale, control, security, and costs are all key elements of this private cloud environment, which means it can be whatever you need it to be. If you are looking for a disaster recovery environment with geographically dispersed resources, if complex development requirements call for a rapid build and test environment, if an application calls for rapid scale and resource allocation, or if you have to get in line with compliance requirements, the private cloud on VMware is an across-the-board winning solution. On top of all of that, a virtual resource type of environment is easy to deploy and manage, all within a completely private environment.

Codero Quality Cloud

In order to deliver this product with the unmatched level of quality we put into everything we do, Codero staffs a number of certified VMware experts. We are proud members of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) and we know what we are doing – providing the best private cloud product by combining support, technology, expertise, and value.

Our numerous technology certifications and company partnerships help deliver our vision and goals to deliver the best hosting solutions to our customers. Designed to exceed all of our customer needs, we have built our private cloud platforms on dedicated resources using the highest quality, enterprise-grade hardware in the business.

Codero’s Private Cloud is an enabling solution that can unleash and transform your business quickly. Dedicated, controlled, flexible, built by experts on quality infrastructure and network, a Codero Private Cloud means an unlimited cloud future – on your terms. Whether you need a public cloud solution or a private cloud solution, we are experts at both and we can help you on your cloud journey today.

Learn more about our Private Cloud here, or talk with one of our consultants now.

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