Jul 26, 2010

What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

It is not unusual in a down economy for entrepreneurship to rise. A crisis for a company might open up an opportunity for an employee. For some downsized staff, launching their own business and “working for themselves” is often seen as the silver lining.  Do you have what it takes to successfully run your own business? This video by the Kauffman Foundation showcases INC 500 entrepreneurs who do:

A recent post from this blog relates how startup businesses are responsible for fueling job growth. Entrepreneur reports the real economic stimulus is the recession itself. The upside-down economy is actually creating entrepreneurial prospects. With the many digital services available to businesses now, it is easier than ever to start a company…particularly if it is an online organization. You can outsource your technical needs and use services like managed hosting to free up time to focus solely on your core business.

What are your thoughts on starting or running a business? Do you know what kind of questions to ask yourself before you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

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  • I was interested in switching to your services but i was told by your customer support rep that you do not allow IRC [internet relay chat, harmless] or Torrent sites [not in TOS, and the one i run has free legal torrents and my daily traffic is 200MIB].

    I was very disappointed!

    internet relay chat is a perfectly harmless. it gained great popularity during the gulf war. troops would talk with their wives and family members thanks to that technology.

    torrent technology is an excellent way to keep bandwidth to a minimum.
    as i stated before my daily bandwidth on some days is around 200MIB. that’s great for a site providing free legal torrents.

    i hope you guys reconsider your policies, i’d love to switch to a company that bills me properly. 😀

    • Shelby Garlock

      Sometimes we have to set policies to ensure our network is running at peak performance and is not compromised in any way for our customers. It has been our experience with both IRC and Torrent sites that spammy behavior and illegal practices commonly occur. We understand this is not the case for everyone and it is unfortunate that sometimes a couple people can ruin the opportunity or experience for others. I am sure you can appreciate our desire to not manage exceptions with the vast customer base we have. I wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting provider that meets all your needs.