Emil Sayegh

Apr 1, 2015

Welcome to a New Quarter and a New Codero!

Update 4/2/2015: the switch to “Cadera” was a fun joke for April Fools. 

It’s with great pleasure, anticipation and pride to announce Codero has a new name, a new logo and a new purpose!

Some Background:

First of all, who am I to make this announcement? I’m Jason McVearry, Codero’s new VP of Marketing. I’ve been working at Codero for just over two months now, and I’ve been really impressed with the product, people and process running this company. I’m a seasoned marketing professional and restauranteur. I’ve built a couple really successful brands and have been really excited to work with the Codero team on the Codero brand.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been taking a deep dive into the customer and product mix, looking for that magic opportunity to really bite into to ‘make my mark’ and, ultimately, put the Codero name on the board next to the greats like Google, Facebook, Outback Steakhouse, Forever 21 and Jiffy Lube.

Well, I’m happy to report I think I found the Silver Bullet.

The Process:

For weeks now, I’ve carved off about 3 to 4 hours of my day to research the brand. I go on constructive jaunts about town hitting golf balls, power walking and occasionally holing up in a bar close to the office sampling their wide variety of daiquiris. It’s been an intense process of discovery, not only for the Codero brand, but for my own personal journey as a person, as a marketer, as a dreamer of dreams.

I found something one Tuesday afternoon during a deep meditation session on a rented boat on Lake Travis. I was about 4 beers deep and really hitting a creative wall. I’d thought I used all my creativity up for the day. I was headed home after another exhausting day in the office. As I was climbing into my car, my driver (I don’t drive anymore, it’s bad for the environment) handed me a cocktail napkin from my all-time favorite restaurant, Applebee’s.

I thought, “Man, how does Applebee’s do it?”

That’s when it hit me.

The Power of A.

A’s have always played important roles in society. From the government to the Forbes to 50, A’s are an irreplaceable resource. Here are some great examples I found in my research exemplifying of the prominence of A’s in our lives.

  • A’s kick off the alphabet
  • A’s rule the phone book (who looks beyond A?)
  • A’s are a baseball team (It’s such a powerful letter, an entire team is just called The A’s.. this blows my mind)
  • There are more than 12050 streets, cities and businesses that start with A.
  • Arms
  • A-Player
  • Amsterdam
  • The “Arch” (and the Arches)

I knew I was onto something… deeper down the rabbit hole I went.

What does this important research really mean for Codero? I couldn’t make the connection. I knew A’s had inherent power. The kind of power that drove customer loyalty beyond the boundaries of reason.

C. O. D. E. R. O.

Where’s the A?

Then……. BOOOM!

C. A. D. E. R. A.



It did. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Cadera. With our new “A-Powered” name, we look forward to increasing our market share, deepening our customer engagement and building Armies of fans that will pay it forward for Cadera for decades to come!

Join us in celebrating this momentous moment by holding up your own “A”, experience your own “A-Power” and get on the A-Team with Cadera!

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