Sep 12, 2016

VMware – What does it do and why hosting customers need it.

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Not long ago VMware revolutionized computing forever. Its virtualization software allowed companies to stack greater workloads than ever before onto enterprise servers. Moreover, it had widespread appeal thanks to an agnostic approach to working across numerous operating systems and hardware platforms. Fast forward to today’s world of enterprise computing. VMware has transferred ownership a few times, but its unique worth remains solidly intact – with powerful ways of extracting value and flexibility out of a given set of compute resources. Network virtualization, highly configurable system redundancy, rapid deployment, and a number of other technologies that were once the stuff of IT dreams have been made possible through VMware’s incredible story.

In the hosting world, specifically at Codero, that story is told through our virtual private cloud product. The objective of this product is to deliver a virtual datacenter that is wholly controlled by our clients. Clients can deploy and utilize resources at will, without the hassles of infrastructure management. VMware is a big part of this formula, which we augment with our world class support. The result is a private deployment environment that clients can choose to secure as they wish. This environment is never shared with others, which is something you won’t find in a public cloud product. It means that you can achieve all of your compliance goals with certainty, knowing that your company holds the last word on security and configuration. Additionally, new systems, network, and other resources are just few clicks away, whenever you need it.

Here’s your VMware news: Codero leadscloud computing

So while news out of VMworld circulates, indicating that VMware is aiming to now work across clouds, know that partners from within its ecosystem have also helped drive the evolution of their product. Best of all, some of us have the features you need from VMware, RIGHT NOW.

Codero has a staff of fully certified VMware engineers; we know what we are doing! We’ve built our systems and our client’s environments with no compromise on flexibility, cost savings, or capabilities. VMware is part of our DNA and our support, open approach, and designed simplicity mean that your workloads are yours and yours alone. No lockout, move your data as you wish.

Codero works with demanding CIOs and IT professionals that have precise needs that only VMware in our private cloud product can deliver on. Our tools, support, and expertise are what make all the difference in an enterprise world that is beset with countless devices, more apps than ever, and various “cloud” choices. That’s one of the many reasons that make us a unique partner in this realm of services. So if you have security, flexible capacity, or compliance needs, you should talk with one of our engineers right away. We’re just one click away, so chat with us now.

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