Kami Haynes

Apr 20, 2016

Vault 1440 Moves to Codero from Colocation, Experiences Significant Growth and Lower Expenses

“Codero is a great alternative to AWS and Azure, particularly for small companies that need a good partner who is easy to work with.”  

– Darrin S. Lee, President of Vault 1440 


Managing a SaaS platform comes with its own challenges—but when your hosting partner can’t grow with your business, it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

Founded in 2009, Darrin S. Lee, now President of Vault 1440, recognized a glaring gap in the IT industry in terms of  data backup and recovery. He immediately seized the opportunity, providing the easy, affordable, and secure off-site backup and recovery services not offered by any other provider.

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Outgrowing colocation

Soon after Darrin S. Lee, now Chief Executive Officer of Vault 1440, began his career as an IT consultant in 2008, he realized there was a severe lack of reliable, secure, easy backup solutions. He quickly took advantage of this business opportunity, purchasing hardware and colocating it a local provider. It wasn’t long until the cost of colocation outweighed the benefits:

“Colocation hindered the growth of the company,” said Lee. “We couldn’t go after bigger customers because we’d have to make huge hardware investments to host all their data, and since we subscribe to the industry trend of not offering long-term contracts, it stymied our growth.”

He also considered other solutions, like those offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, but decided against them for several major reasons:

“With Amazon, you needed a PhD in Amazonian to understand how to use their network, and I didn’t like the fact that I’d have to hire consultants to help me design what really is a simple environment,” Lee explained. “I also didn’t like that we still couldn’t get our Linux and Windows environments to work together if we went with Azure.”


Finding a provider to grow with

Finding a good partner who was easy to work with was Lee’s number one goal; he was also seeking a provider that offered the flexible month-to-month solution needed to scale with the growth of the company.

“Although our environment isn’t that complicated, we had some specific requirements,” said Lee. “While researching prospective hosting providers, we quickly found that Codero was the only company with a team that was genuinely concerned with helping us get it right.”

Lee cited Support, Pricing, and Flexibility as the three main reasons he decided to migrate from colocation to hosting with Codero.


Big savings and bigger business

After moving to Codero, Vault 1440 realized major cost savings, freeing the company to pursue bigger clients.

“The chains are off of our business growth,” Lee concluded. “Now we can go after bigger customers, and do it without hesitation.”

Lee was thrilled to have made the connection with Codero though Dakota Carrier Network (DCN), asserting that Codero’s On-Demand Cloud is the ideal alternative to AWS and Azure for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are seeking a reliable, trustworthy business partner who is easy to work with:

“Codero demystified the cloud, giving a small company like ours the option to size our infrastructure based on our unique business needs.”

Want to learn more about Vault 1440’s unrivaled data backup and recovery services? Contact Vault 1440 today to take advantage of their complimentary 30-day trial. Want to learn more about how Codero has helped customers grow their business? Read their stories here, and contact us today to share your Codero experience with the world!

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