Feb 14, 2013

A Valentine’s Day Post: Let’s Spread the Love to Customers, Too!

February is the month of love and that means people who love each other gather on Valentine’s Day to celebrate with gifts, flowers, candy and romantic dinners.

There are many stories of the origin of Valentine’s Day. One tells of Saint Valentine and how he found himself imprisoned helping couples. Before his execution, he healed the daughter of his jailer and signed a note with, “from your valentine,” as a farewell to her – a very selfless and loving act.

As time went on, in the 15th century, the day grew as a time for courtly love with lovers expressing their feelings with flowers, confectionery and greeting cards.

Fast-forwarding to today, we always feel the pressure to show wives, husbands, significant others, children, teachers, or parents the love… Those acts of love are seldom extended to customers though…Why?  What about showing our customers love, too? Our customers are the ones paying for our special dinners, flowers and candy with our wives/husbands/significant others, after all! Does this sound a bit cheesy?  We don’t think so!

Show Customers the Love
When a business consistently shows its customers the love, that business becomes a loved brand by all. You see, everyone loves a business that shows the love!

Building a loved brand has TONS of benefits, such as:

  • Customer Referrals – More LOVE comes in
  • Customer Evangelism – Customers share the love
  • Social Media love – More followers that spread the love
  • Testimonials – Customers love to brag about your business
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty – Customers are family

At Codero, our goal is to become a LOVED BRAND. How do we do that? Simple, by making every effort to love our customers YEAR round, but also showing some extra love on Valentine’s Day!

At Codero, we want to keep the “Love” word as a descriptor of what we do. Why?  Because love is powerful and customers deserve the love, everyday! That means we want to give our customers the Love they deserve, with exceptional service… in EVERYTHING we do. Again, is it cheesy to think this way?  Not at Codero!

Ways We Give and Get Customer Love At Codero – Ah, let me count the ways we give out the love:

1. Customer Successes in Our Case Studies and Testimonials
Not only does this show the world how our customers use our services, but it gives our customers a helping hand with exposure to the world. What better gift than showing off the success of our customers?!

Speaking of love, here’s one of our customers spreading the love to us:

“My Codero hosting service has performed flawlessly! We’ve tested the service and optimized it and it’s doing very well. I am very happy with Codero’s performance and the network is absolutely great. The uptime has been 100% and we haven’t experienced any issues. Being an eCommerce store we can’t afford to be affected by network issues. With Codero we haven’t had any of the issues that we had with other providers, kudos to the Codero team.” Kris Kayyal,

Got to love it when Codero helps customers succeed! If you want to read more love stories from our customers, check them out here.

2.  Loyalty and Rewards
We reward our customers for being customers.  We have the only reward program in industry!  Whether it is a server upgrade, a firewall, or a Codero T-shirt the Rewards Program has you covered!

3.  Referral Programs
We developed the most lucrative referral program in industry because we love our partners. We want them to really succeed when they refer Codero to their customers.

4.  Provide Social Media Recognition
Social media spreads the love fast! That why we believe it’s the perfect channel to promote our customers and show them the love! We also respond to positive mentions of the Codero brand, too. Here are a few of the cute tweets from customers that have tickled our fancy!

  • To be the BEST, you must have the BEST. Keep up the GREAT work!  @harddrivinradio
  • As always, @codero support IS the best, thanks for all your help — @fejorca
  • @Codero if you always do what you have always done – you will always have what you have always had. i made a change – server issues – gone — @Delta2Biz

5. Solicit Feedback and ACT on it
EVERY quarter, we ask our customers for feedback – it’s called the Net Promoter Survey. With such an emphasis on customer feedback, I’m proud to say our NPS is consistently in the 50s! Sure, we have room to improve, but our customer feedback drives our business – as it should!

6. Provide Stellar Customer Service/Support
You only get one shot at a first impression, right? That’s why we’re so focused on customer service. We strive to show the love to our customers, each and every time! From Chat, to the phone to tweets, we know that a really powerful customer service experience can go a long way.  We provide exceptional support in EVERY interaction – That is how we show our love!

7.  Show the Codero Employee’s Personality
Wouldn’t you say it’s hard to love a business? Now, on that same account, it’s easier to love the people behind the business. That’s why the most lovable brands have a recognizable and lovable personality!

Think about it, would you want to speak to someone dull and boring at a party? NO, you would want to hang out with those who have personality and want to have some fun! We understand this and try to inject some personality into our brand – that’s how we show the love, too!

This is why the pictures on our website are all of employees…From Deidra to Shawn to Chris, all are employees…

By the way, want to see an inside tour of our office? Check out it out here!

8.  Offer Fair and Competitive Pricing
We understand it’s hard to find quality hosting services at competitive pricing. From our everyday low prices, to our bargain store, to our price match guarantee, we deliver with superior hosting at a rate you can afford. All that with no compromise:

Best Reliability+Performance+Value = Codero Love

Go Spread the Love!
Now with all this love talk, don’t forget to go out and get your loved one some flowers, candy or book that really nice dinner reservation tonight!

For your customers, don’t forget to spread the love, too. If you want to see more of how Codero does it, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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