Aug 20, 2015

USA Kilts Shares its Heritage with Codero Hosting

As more companies enter the world of ecommerce, it’s increasingly important to separate your business from the crowd. Codero empowers companies with critical ecommerce websites to grow their businesses through a reliable infrastructure, expert support, and the ability to handle increasing ecommerce demands year after year.

One of Codero’s many growing ecommerce-focused customers is USA Kilts, a Pennsylvania-based company that supplies highland wear (kilts and related products) to customers in the United States and around the world. USA Kilts has become a leader in supplying the world with the style most traditionally associated with Scotland, giving the term “Made in the USA” a new meaning altogether.

“We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to push the market forward. You always need to push new ideas to stay relevant in today’s fashion industry.”

— Rocky Roeger, Owner of USA Kilts

Rocky Roeger

Rocky Roeger, Owner of USA Kilts

The Origins of USA Kilts

USA Kilts stemmed from Roeger’s “mid-20s crisis.” He wanted to wear a kilt, and after he got a few and started wearing them, he thought, “I can make this.” He learned how to sew and began making kilts – first for himself, then for others. Now, 13 years later, the company has grown to supply kilts to customers around the world and to Hollywood’s most famous. From Madonna to the casts of Star Wars to the guy next door, USA Kilts is the go-to brand for quality highland wear.

“We allow people to display their heritage in a traditional and affordable manner,” Roeger said. “The two things we’ve always tried to focus on from the beginning were service and value. We provide a service and help our customers express their heritage and culture through the products we offer.”

How Codero is Critical to USA Kilts


As USA Kilts built its company, its website naturally became the company’s primary storefront, sales, and marketing tool. From one server to a multi-server configuration, USA Kilts has grown its infrastructure to handle its increasing ecommerce demands year after year.

The Technology:

USA Kilts Infrastructure

Comments on Service:

“The technical support we get from Codero is exceptional,” said Robert Schneeweis, a web developer at USA Kilts. “The Codero Team knows what they are doing, which means I don’t have to dumb anything down. The Codero technical support staff is the best I’ve worked with.”

Roeger echoed those sentiments.

“Codero’s support, service, and price point allow us to keep our website optimized. If we’re the football team, Codero is the medic waiting on the sidelines to come in and help.”

Favorite Special Feature:

One of Schneeweis’ favorite perks of hosting with Codero is our rewards program. (Not a member? Sign up for free today!)

“I love getting credits just for paying our bill,” Schneeweis said. “That’s outstanding! We’ve gone through quite a few upgrades because of those. When we upgraded to the 4TB NAS, we used some of those credits. It’s an excellent perk you offer to give your clientele a little bit of a bonus.”

Keep Up with USA Kilts

Want to show off your state heritage? You can now buy a kilt themed after your home state.

State Seal Tartans for Texas (Left) and Kansas (Right)

State Seal Tartans for Texas (Left) and Kansas (Right)

Vital Contact Info:

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