Aug 23, 2010

re•fresh: To Renew or Revitalize – The New Face for RefreshWhile advances in technology have made it easy to have conversations with our customers, we traveled and visited customers face-to-face in the past few months. These discussions led us to discover the things that we do well, and the things that still need work. We’re huge fans of constructive criticism – and view it as a statement of trust and commitment from our customers. As a result, it allows us to work towards an end product that allows everyone to win – so look forward to new and exciting things to keep coming from Codero over the next few months!

One enhancement we’ve rolled out is a refreshed website… with some new elements added to the homepage and throughout the site, we hope that you find the site easier to navigate and information regarding our dedicated servers and managed hosting services more accessible. In today’s world, a company’s website is often one of the first places people go to gather facts and opinions about your company, as well as your brand. If the right elements aren’t there, often people will move on, and move you out of their consideration set. While it’s important to keep the content of your site refreshed and engaging, there comes a time when you realize that the format in which the content is presented must be updated – enter the website refresh stage.

The latest and greatest version of is just the first of many improvements to our online experience and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the site. Seriously…

  1. What do you look for on a website when evaluating a hosting partner?
  2. Do you have a checklist of things that you look for, or is it more about the overall experience?

We WANT your feedback!

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  • I really like the new design. Your design has always been really fresh, but now it looks just plain sexy. As web developer and designer I give you kudos to the new design (and not just because my face is on it)!

    • Sara Newkirk

      Jonathan, thanks for your feedback – we’re glad you like it! Outside of the design, are there any new features that you particularly like, or is there anything that you hoped to see that wasn’t included?

  • The new site looks great! The colors and layout are very eye pleasing. IMO, when I look for a new company to engage, the web site/blog and how nice they look, how fresh the content is and the technology that is used are big factors for me, first impression wise, as to whether I will go further and make contact.

    Great job on the new design!

    Donald King
    Leader, Topeka .NET Users Group

  • Amber Lufkin

    I had never been to before, but I have to say that this is a very visually pleasing site. The color scheme works and the graphics are very sharp. I like that you have a help section and the whole site seems very inviting and not intimidating to someone who doesn’t know all that much about hosting. I am a green developer and am just getting into this great new world of technology and I will definitely recommend to anyone I talk to that needs your services.

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