Mar 7, 2011

The New Comfort Level with E-Commerce.

Online shopping continues to become more and more convenient so it’s not surprising more customers are turning to the web for purchases. They think they can often find better deals online than in brick-and-mortar stores and prefer shopping on their own time, not when the store happens to be open.

As people start accessing the web more with devices like smart phones and tablets, the increased Internet connectivity is drawing shoppers as well.  A February, 2011 study by Forrester Research shows online retail sales grew 12.6% in 2010 to reach $176 billion. It will grow to approximately $278 billion in 2015.

Shoppers increased comfort online can represent a real opportunity for those businesses who are already up and running with a great e-commerce site. You can begin thinking about ways to fine-tune your online shopping experience like communicating through more personalized messaging and offers. It’s a good time to put your media and communications plan in place and move forward.

You can learn from the experience of others who have, or have not, gone online as a convenience for their customers. Reports are out saying Border’s made a mistake in not creating an e-commerce strategy and opting out of online sales. The book retailer recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Borders loss was and Apple’s win as they cashed in on people’s desire for electronic books.

What do you have planned for online activities this year for your business? Let us know!

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