Apr 11, 2013

The fiber is coming! The fiber is coming!

That’s right. Google has announced its next city for Google fiber and guess where it’s going to be? Why Austin, Texas, of course! That’s something everyone at Codero is happy about.

It’s great and all that Google fiber is coming to Austin, but we got to thinking about something. Google has already brought fiber to Kansas City and now, Austin. Now, we don’t want to say it’s because Codero has offices in both cities, but…

First, it was Kansas City (and for those of you who don’t know Codero is headquartered in KC and is home to the majority of Codero’s employees) Google brought in fiber and gigabit speeds to the Kansas City metro area. With instant downloads and crystal clear TV reception, it’s no wonder Kansas Citians love it so much.

And just recently, Google announced Austin as its next target for Google fiber goodness. Now, here’s the second piece of proof. Codero opened up an office last fall in Austin, TX, as well. Is it a coincidence that Google went from our home office city to another one of our cities? Hmmmmm…

To read more about the Austin announcement, check out some of the recent articles on the Google Fiber Blog as well as Time – Business & Money.

Now why is it such a good thing to get Google fiber in your city? Well, it’s far faster than anything available now. Imagine instant downloads and uploads. Yep, it’s that fast. Not only that, but think of the economic considerations. That means more local business growth, more jobs to help with the implementation and support the infrastructure afterwards. Yep, sounds like a win-win for the cities getting the fiber.

Well, we can’t say for sure if Google’s decision is because of Codero or not, but with Google Fiber in both cities many members of Team Codero are doing the happy dance!

What do you think? Are you one of the lucky ones in KC or Austin? All we know is Google is following a good thing, with all the great things happening with Codero, who could blame them for following us down to Austin, too.  For more information on Google fiber, click here.

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