Jan 13, 2015

The Codero Tech Tip Of The Month: How to check and repair MySQL database tables

Running into errors is never fun, especially when it comes to your MySQL database tables. In case you run across an error like: “Table ‘table_name’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”, you’ll need to do the following depending on the command line or panel you are using:

Linux Command Line
Log into the MySQL command line tool using the following command and then enter the MySQL password.

# mysql -u username -p databasename 
# password: ******** 
mysql> check table tablename; 
mysql> repair table tablename;

After the table has been repaired, type ‘exit’ to quit the command line tool.

mysql> exit

In cPanel, you can repair a database table by:

cPanel -> Databases -> MySQL Databases

You may need to go to Page 2, so under Current Databases [2] or >> to go to the next page.

Under Modify Databases click [Check DB] or [Repair DB].

Plesk Control Panel
If you use Plesk Control Panel, you’ll open the database in phpMyAdmin, then click “Databases” and “Check All.” From the drop down menu, select “Check Tables,” and your tables will immediately be checked.

After that, you can decide which tables to select and repair. For a more detailed walkthrough, visit the Codero Knowledge Base page on Checking and Repairing MySQL database tables to learn more.

Hopefully this tech tip from the Codero Team was helpful. Have any questions? Looking for a little more guidance? Then check out the Codero Knowledge base for our full article on checking and repairing MySQL database tables, call: 8777-999-2750 or chat now with one of our hosting experts who will be glad to help you!

Always at Your Service,
Your Codero Team

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