Nov 13, 2012

The Codero Hybrid Cloud Powers Chiron Data Systems to Scale Up its Fight Against Diabetes

Chiron Data Systems believes diabetes education is a critical part of patients’ success and delivers user-friendly solutions for the cause. No system puts software at the fingertips of educators like Chiron’s DiaMed solution. It assists in tracking patients, their treatment, and outcomes. Data Systems is a true innovator in its field and as result, patients are more informed and receive better care.

After Chiron surveyed the hosting market for a company that can host its growing infrastructure, the company decided on a true partner that shares common values: exceptional service and superior product experience. With Codero’s track record of exceptional service and commitment to innovative and smarter solutions for a better world, Chiron met its match. Just like Chiron Data Systems, at Codero we believe that exceptional service is the highest calling one can have in life. By leveraging technology to help people do amazing things, Chiron and Codero challenge the status quo. This exact innovative focus sets Codero’s cloud apart from other clouds, according to Chiron’s lead software developer Aaron Smith.

Chiron Data Systems has numerous software developers on staff. To test new product releases – which the company does four to five times each year – the team creates a sandbox and testing environment for customers. Here’s the rub: during these testing times, Smith and his team were spending too much bandwidth managing the company’s servers rather than working on their ideas and writing code. Sound familiar?

Aaron Smith - Chiron Data Systems

Aaron Smith – President and Founder

Smith and team set out to find the right service provider for Chiron’s products. The search initially yielded providers that were too rigid in their deployments and service levels, too expensive (you know who that is!?) and/or delivering only marginal cloud or server performance.

Smith soon found the light at the end of the tunnel – Codero! Chiron Data Systems selected Codero because of our superior service reputation, system performance, and value provided for a cloud and dedicated hosting solution (a.k.a. hybrid hosting).

Today the Chiron team has a blend of Codero dedicated servers and cloud servers, all working together nicely. Chiron’s production environment runs on Codero dedicated servers, while its testing environment runs on Codero cloud servers.  Prior to switching to the Codero cloud, the team used its own hardware to create a testing environment. They had to spin up the new virtual server, get the IP registered, get a server live and expose it to the internet. This process would take about a day or more – if the hardware resources were available – and took a developer away from his/her primary job of writing code. Now, with the Codero cloud and its hybrid hosting capabilities, this process takes only minutes and developers remain focused on their core business.

Smith and the Chiron team can scale and add/deploy resources easily backed up by Codero’s exceptional service. And, because Chiron only pays for what is used, the value and performance are unparalleled. Chiron has tried the other major cloud vendors, and Codero is the clear winner.

“It’s amazingly useful to spin up test servers instantly,” said Smith. “The Codero Cloud has worked smoothly, with absolutely no problems.  For our purposes and applications, these cloud servers are the ideal solution. And the service is unparalleled!”

“Anytime I need to add RAM, change a configuration, or make a new server from an old snap shot, I can call Codero for help or to discuss an idea.  I know they are there in case I need them!  I know servers, but I’m not an expert,” said Smith. “Also, the online control panel is easy to use and I can make changes with confidence knowing I won’t damage my server.”

Start Experiencing Codero’s Cloud and Dedicated Servers Today
If you would like to join Chiron Data Systems and be able to quickly scale and deploy IT assets when you need them, call 1-866-2-CODERO or chat with us today. We are happy to help your organization succeed, whether it is fighting diabetes, curing cancer, or saving the planet.

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