Emil Sayegh

Mar 16, 2015

The 4 AWS Facts You Don’t Know That Hurt Your Business

People think Amazon Web Services is the cloud, and that it’s the first, best and only partner of choice for businesses of all sizes. This type of thinking is all too common, and it’s flat-out wrong. Most of this stems from a lack of understanding, which is important because what you don’t know about AWS is hurting you and your company.

There’s a lot to learn about the AWS cloud. Let’s clear up some of its biggest myths.

1. The Cost Myth: “Amazon is the Cheapest”

This is one of the biggest and most troubling misconceptions. The AWS Cloud is not the cheapest path for application and web hosting. In reality, up to 90 percent of enterprise workloads are better suited for dedicated servers, and it’s also up to 3x cheaper than an equivalent AWS service.

Codero vs AWS

Pricing taken from Codero.com and Amazon.com on March 10, 2015.

When you need performance, the difference is clear: Codero’s dedicated solution delivers comparable performance (with extra perks!) for less than 40 percent of Amazon’s monthly cost. Don’t believe the chart? Check it out for yourself with your specific business needs: AWS pricing and Codero.

“But I want it in the cloud!”

If you do want to go cloud-only, that’s a viable option, too. But keep in mind that in a head-to-head cloud showdown, a company like Codero is still cheaper and better than Amazon AWS because of Codero’s ability to automate its infrastructure. Without factoring in bandwidth (we’ll get to that in a second), Amazon’s monthly cloud costs will set you back $112.18, while the Codero equivalent will run you just $95/month.

Codero vs AWS

Pricing taken from Codero.com and Amazon.com on March 16, 2015.

Want to Add Bandwidth?

Amazon’s cloud offerings make no mention of bandwidth. Codero’s $95 monthly package includes 6 TB of outgoing bandwidth each month. For each TB of bandwidth you add on Amazon’s simple monthly calendar, your cost goes up by about $92.

Amazon’s continually-rising costs are becoming one of the main reasons investors want their portfolio companies to look for alternatives to AWS. Investor Brad Feld has written about the issue, as has Moz CEO Sarah Bird, who said she found Amazon’s service “lacking” even after Moz “spent many small fortunes at Amazon Web Services,” only to find it was “killing our margins and adding to product instability.”

2. The Performance Myth

When it comes to Amazon’s cloud offerings, there’s no guaranteed out-of-the-box performance… unless you pay up. If you want guaranteed performance, you’ve got to move to reserved IOPS or reserved instances. Amazon describes these services to make them sound like they’ll save you money, but in reality they’re an additional monthly cost.

Codero’s dedicated servers are completely devoted to your needs, and they’re not shared with another customer. That means you’ll enjoy more performance and better flexibility than a shared hosting solution or cloud instance.

Codero’s cloud servers have been tested and perform 4x better than equivalent AWS cloud instances… yes, 4x!

Codero vs AWS

Codero vs AWS

DBench data from March 2015.

3. The Support Myth

If you ask tech people who have dealt with AWS in the past, you’ll quickly learn that when you need AWS support the most, it can be hard to find. Amazon’s basic support includes no phone support. Need business-grade support and a response time less than an hour? You’ll have to bump up to a business or enterprise support plan, which will tack on an additional 10 percent to your monthly fees. The bottom line is that AWS support is, essentially, a do-it-yourself effort, unless you want to pay more each month.

Codero’s secure, reliable servers and 100% uptime guarantee mean you may never need technical support. If you do need a helping hand, though, Codero’s world-class U.S.-based support team is available 24/7/365 through phone support, live chat or Skype. Codero’s service recently received an NPS score of 70, which ranks among the top performing service-driven companies in the world, where companies typically score less than 20.

4. The Bottleneck Issue

Amazon Web Services is a shared environment, and its entire model is based on the economy of scale that comes from selling resources on a shared platform. That means that if you really need performance, you have to pay for dedicated resources that still don’t match what a true dedicated server platform or hybrid cloud platform can provide.

Codero’s dedicated hosting, cloud servers and exclusive hybrid cloud network give you complete control and customization to set up your hosting exactly how you want it. That way, you can be sure your performance is exactly what you need when you need it. Our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud gives you access to dedicated and cloud resources in one private network, which scales up on demand, and is all dedicated to you.

Why Codero is Right for You

To learn more about how Codero’s hosting solutions can best suit your company’s needs, browse our site, price out some structures and build your own hybrid configuration. Better yet, chat with one of our online hosting gurus about your needs to learn how they can fit in the hybrid cloud — and save you money.

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