Mar 20, 2014

The SXSW Wrap-Up

As an Austinite who works in technology, is interested in film and of course, is someone who loves  live music, the South by Southwest (SXSW) institution couldn’t be located in a better place. Codero Booth at SXSW 2014

The buzz and palpable energy which overtakes the capitol city when the show is in full swing is just plain exhilarating. Maybe it is because you know that this is the place that everyone in the industry goes to introduce their latest and greatest. A world premiere film, a new album or the latest technology gadget that has never been seen in public. Whatever it is, it all happens at SouthBy.

Codero Hosting again exhibited at the SXSW Interactive  tradeshow and was able to score a great spot just next to presentation stage. This was a new feature which did a great job at bringing new people onto the show floor to see the best and brightest give their talks.

This year, we also rolled out a great new tradeshow presence as well. We hope that it projects both the sense that our hosting services are rock-solid reliable and maintain the utmost of performance standards, while at the same time you get the value and benefit of having a real human there to keep things humming. That is Codero in a nutshell and it is part of what earns us some of the industry’s highest Net Promoter scores from our customers. What really matters.

In terms of the highlights from the show floor, I’d summarize it in a word, “meh”. Aside from the tantalizing “cloud” of popcorn which wafted from the Codero booth and the very cool drone we were giving away, I’d have to say that something was missing. It may have been the fact that with all the new software as a service companies, developers and chambers of commerce for various countries, there wasn’t a whole lot to actually “see”. The exoskeleton demo was cool, the live bands playing in some company’s booths and of course the 3D printers were notable and cool, but nothing to write home about.

That all said, for Codero, it was a really good show.

  • We had some of our awesome Kansas City support crew in town to help out
  • Codero partnered with here in Austin for a great SXSW cross-promotion at their prime location on 6th street.
  • We talked with so many businesses that are simply sick and tired of their hosting plan with AWS, Rackspace and Network Solutions. They are tired of not being able to get support and they really aren’t sure that they need everything they are paying for.
  • Codero helped out about 400 people by passing along a great Codero bag to carry all their shwagg from the show.
  • We shot a very cool video (in production) discussing the options for businesses to host cloud, dedicated server or hybrid cloud.
  • Codero held a very successful happy hour at J Black’s on west 6th with some of our biggest fans. Go Codero!

At the end of the day, it is great to finally get some post-SXSW rest and we look forward to next year.

Check out our feeds from the show at our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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