Emil Sayegh

Jul 17, 2015

The World’s Fastest Cloud Just Got Faster

Codero is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest installation of the Codero Cloud in our state-of-the-art Dallas data center. This launch marks the next generation of our cloud infrastructure, which is powered by 100% solid-state drives and is the only On-Demand Hybrid Cloud in the world. That means you’ll experience high-end performance for any new application or website you launch, which is always a requirement. In addition to launching the newest Codero Cloud environment, Codero has taken the step to make the Codero Cloud the price leader in the market. Codero aims to bring performance, service, and efficiency to developers and businesses that demand a high performance cloud platform.

Why We Built the Codero Cloud

We’ve been building cloud architectures since the cloud became a staple in every technologist’s arsenal. The Codero Leadership Team has built the Rackspace Cloud, the HP Cloud, the Media Temple Cloud, and the Sungard Cloud. We designed the Codero Cloud based on real customer needs. We wanted to fill the need for a powerful and affordable option on the market that wasn’t specialized to the point where you’d pay a premium for basic things. From being hybrid-enabled, to offering a comprehensive suite of OS options (including Windows), to accessing it simply through an easy-to-use portal and API, to sporting industry-leading performance, the Codero Cloud competes and wins in the current cloud landscape on multiple levels.

Tens of thousands of cloud instances have been spun up for projects that need quick deployment with the ability to scale with real traffic needs.

‘With the Codero Cloud, we’re able to quickly deploy and scale servers for projects that require a different OS than we image on our dedicated server infrastructure, allowing us the flexibility to meet needs outside our normal scope.”

— Justin Handley, Web Mission Control, Inc.

SSDs = Speed + Reliability

With solid-state technology, performance and increased cloud responsiveness are not the only benefits. An all SSD-powered cloud enables faster deployment due to higher response performance, and it holds a lower probability of failure due to a lack of moving parts. We guarantee 100% uptime, and the Codero Cloud is engineered for redundancy and to absorb hard drive failures without interruption. We have made the Codero Cloud fast, feature-full, affordable, and reliable – all in one package.

Beyond Pure Speed, the Codero Cloud Wins

The Codero Cloud is the highest performing, most cost-effective cloud offering on the market. Beyond the fact the Codero Cloud outperforms the competition, our cloud plans come with the most bandwidth (up to 10TB outgoing) and most storage (up to 512GB) on the market, include a powerful RESTful API, and are fully hybrid-ready to connect with your bare metal infrastructure for more advanced implementations that require dedicated servers. On-Demand Hybrid lets you seamlessly create private networking between your Cloud servers and your dedicated servers, opening up a world of possibilities for your applications.

Here is a complete list of the many features and benefits the Codero Cloud has to offer:

  • SSD-powered and available in multiple geographic locations.
  • On-Demand Hybrid Hosting-enabled means fast connectivity to your entire infrastructure.
  • Deployment in less than 30 seconds means you’re up and running immediately.
  • Cloud plans include up to 10TB outgoing bandwidth and up to 512GB storage.
  • Choose from a comprehensive suite of operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
  • Guaranteed performance through guaranteed CPU and resources means your project won’t suffer from other cloud user behavior.
  • Manage through easy-to-use control panel or powerful RESTful Codero API.
  • Hourly billing for variable workloads. Pay only for what you use.
  • Monthly billing at a discounted rate for static workloads.
  • Backed by exceptional service and 24/7/365 expert support.
  • Multiple redundant bandwidth carriers.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Risk free trial with 3 months free!

Performance by the Numbers

We’ve done comprehensive testing against market leaders to ensure we’re bringing real performance benefit to customers. Running on a SSD-powered cloud means your applications and websites will perform at least twice as fast.

Stacked against Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Rackspace, in standard cached reads (MB/s) and Apache http requests served per second, the Codero Cloud shows above-and-beyond performance.

Cached Reads (MB/s)

Cached Reads (MB/s)

In terms of cached reads, the Codero Cloud is 46% faster than DigitalOcean and 74% faster than AWS!

Apache http Requests Served/sec.

Apache http Requests Served/sec.

When you look at Apache http requests served per second, the difference is even greater: the Codero Cloud is 127% faster than DigitalOcean and 230% faster than AWS.

The Codero Cloud Stands on Top for Performance – at a Market-Leading Price

We’re pleased to announce a permanent price reduction for the Codero Cloud, which will help you take your projects to the next level of performance with added financial advantage for your organization.

Whether you’re hosting mobile applications, rich media, or SaaS applications, the Codero Cloud offers an unmatched price-for-performance ratio.

Codero’s Leading Cloud Pricing (Linux)

Codero's Leading Cloud Pricing (Linux)

Codero’s Leading Cloud Pricing (Windows)

Codero's Leading Cloud Pricing (Windows)

The Codero Cloud’s more affordable pricing reinforces its role as the industry-leader. It’s the only cloud on the market that’s On-Demand Hybrid-enabled, and it’s the only cloud backed by exceptional service and 24/7/365 support. More than price or performance, it’s the exceptional service that truly separates Codero from the rest of the industry.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more about why SSDs and added availability matter, why performance and affordability should go together, and how Codero’s API, UI, and On-Demand Hybrid Hosting put YOU in control. In the meantime, learn more about the Codero Cloud and test out a project on it — we’ll let you try it out for three months for free.

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