Jan 25, 2011

Spending Too Much on IT? Hammer Down IT Labor Hours with Tools of Our Trade.

Gartner research predicts by 2015, tools and automation will eliminate 25% of labor hours associated with IT services. That means as industries such as hosting and IT services mature, things will change even faster than they already are. Cloud computing is taking off and we’re seeing the increase in use of tools and automation in IT services which brings with it self-service automated provisioning, metering and more. Gartner predicts that productivity levels for service providers will increase which will lead to reductions in their costs of delivery.

What else will the years ahead bring? Other Gartner predictions include:

–          By 2015, at least one G20 nation’s critical infrastructure will be disrupted and damaged by online sabotage. With its improved security, private cloud can help eliminate worries over cyber-sabotage.  Forecasts call for a huge business migration to occur in the coming years to comprehensive data centers and predict cloud technologies will enable businesses to reduce costs and boost efficiencies by renting their IT on a pay-per-use-basis instead of maintaining or managing their own data. There won’t be a need for companies to create their own data centers when they can rely on the expertise of an industry professional whose sole business is IT.

–          Forrester Research too, is on board the cloud bandwagon predictions for 2011 forecasting there will be a new type of IT provider who will work for the business and leverage technologies at the edge of the business to alter relationships, enhance customer support, create new products and bring value in ways one may not have imagined.

–          By 2015, information-smart businesses will increase recognized IT spending per head by 60%. Plus, 20% of all companies will no longer own their own IT assets by 2012, Gartner predicts.

Other analysis services agree with all these predictions and add that sustainability will join security and cloud services as an important trend in enterprise IT in 2011.

What do you think of how fast technology is changing? How are you keeping up with it? Share your thoughts with us.

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