Sep 29, 2010

Social Media Is Not About Return On Investment.

Social media is about return on engagement.

That’s something I learned from the social media boot camp Codero co-sponsored featuring Sarah Evans. Sarah pegs herself as a “social media freak”…she has turned her passion into a career as a public relations and new media consultant of her own Chicago firm, Sevans Strategy. She considers social media a tool that allows user-generated content.

I learned a lot from this social media guru and really did come back to Codero with practical ideas to launch immediately.

My colleague and I are already eager to break out a contest idea using social media to launch a new product. And we have another idea up our keyboard to use when Codero co-sponsors industry conferences. 

The interactive sessions with Sarah really were “less theory, more action” as Ben Smith, from Social: IRL blogged.

It was also amazing to watch as more than 859 tweets about the event were projected on a large screen in real-time from some of the 127 participants. Questions were asked and answered during the six hours covering Facebook, blogging and Twitter. Sarah also gave us ideas for social media workflow and provided many statistics I found interesting:

  • 51% of people get news from people they follow, according to Pew Research.
  • 95% of online shoppers conduct research before making a decision.
  • The average social networking user is 37 years old.

In the U.S., our relationship with news is portable, personalized and participatory, which really reinforces why print advertising is declining and why online and social media are the channels to be watching.  Ad Week published statistics from eMarketer estimating that one in three companies will have a public-facing blog for marketing this year, rising to 43 percent by 2012.

So armed with my inspired faith in social media, here is an incentive for you to write a guest post on our blog relevant to social media. Email your idea to

If your guest post is chosen to be on this site, we will also mail you a free green Codero bag…just like the ones we gave out at the boot camp, but this one will be filled with goodies.

No trick...our treat...FREE bag with goodies.

In the meantime, look for another Codero blog here soon with comments from the three participants Codero sponsored and the link to Sarah Evan’s boot camp presentation.

Sarah recaps parts of the event here in this video.

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  • Jason

    Why would you engage if it’s not about ROI?

    • Maureen Griffith

      You engage to encourage interaction with your readers, to develop loyalty and a following. Which in turn, will ultimately lead to trust. And then, circling fully, lead to a confidence in your product or service, which is the return on investment. Return on Engagement (ROE) IS the new return on investment. You can see 15 Ways to Measure Return on Engagement (ROE) of Social Media here:

  • Susan

    Like your comments. Good and consistent Interaction with readers ultimately brings about a quantifiable ROI.

    • Maureen Griffith

      Thanks Susan. Social media is continually changing so it’s great to hear the latest concepts and ideas out there. Let us know if you have any ways you are engaging that work well for you.