Emil Sayegh

May 12, 2016

SkillNet: Talent Management that Works for Growing Businesses

SkillNet recently switched to Codero from DataPipe to power its robust platform, and has experienced considerably superior performance:

“Moving to Codero was one of the best decisions we made for our business. Codero provided expert service and support when we needed it. Our platform is running very fast and reliably.”

–Michael Kritzman, Founder & CEO, SkillNet

SkillNet is a talent management company

We welcome SkillNet, a new innovative customer, to the Codero family. SkillNet offers an integrated suite of six modules to support customers and their employee journey through screening, onboarding, development and recognition and benefits administration. Their most popular solution area replaces the dreaded “year-end” review with a powerful approach to find and fix employee skill gaps. Customer benefits include higher engagement, team performance and retention.

SkillNet offers six integrated modules that can be licensed individually or in bundles to support each customer with the functionality they need.

SkillNet Modules

  1. Talent Selection: Assess candidate skills to identify and rank top prospects.
  2. Staff Onboarding: Effortless onboarding increases employee productivity and engagement.
  3. Performance Management: Replace annual reviews with a continuous approach so managers can stop tracking data in notebooks and spreadsheets and coach. Track skill progress over time.
  4. Online Learning: Robust learning content management system to deploy learning modules across staff.
  5. Engagement & Recognition: Drive employee engagement and recognition with social praise and badges.
  6. Benefits Administration: Automate benefit enrollment and life changes with a paperless approach.

Five steps for continuous staff development

SkillNet uses a proven 5 step process to engage staff and management in continuous improvement for any position:

SkillNet 5-Step Process

Why should small business owners care?

According to a Deloitte CEO survey last year, 85% of business leaders are highly concerned about skill gaps. Many companies are also challenged in these areas:


These areas are particularly critical to the SMB for several key reasons:

  • SMBs depend on a smaller staff and need peak performance from everyone
  • Undesired turnover causes significant problems
  • Frequently don’t have these kinds of tools for their staff

How can I learn more?

For more information about how SkillNet can transform your small business, sign up to receive a personalized demonstration.

If you’re a Codero customer and would like to share your experience with the world, contact us today!


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