May 12, 2014

SeriousPayroll Strikes Gold with Codero’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Here at Codero, we often get inspired by our customers. Take SaaS app SeriousPayroll for example. Not only are they about to take over the payroll service space, but they’re doing it with the most powerful hybrid hosting infrastructure on their side. (Which we think is pretty darn cool.)


Founded in 2012, SeriousPayroll helps meet payroll demands by delivering comprehensive, affordable, reliable, web-hosted SaaS solutions to organizations across the US.


SeriousPayroll’s on-demand check web form


SeriousPayroll’s startup web form


One of the key leaders at the helm of its development is Ron Ellis, a payroll services industry veteran who’s launched previous payroll software apps with over 30,000 installations and counting. So when it came to choosing the right hosting provider for SeriousPayroll, he was the right man for the job.

High Standards and Requirements for Hosting

From the moment SeriousPayroll started testing their app on development workstations and test servers, Ellis knew their hosting needs wouldn’t be easy to meet. They needed a solution that would be as reliable, secure and flexible as their app, which was already setting the bar high. But that wasn’t all. SeriousPayroll’s main customer base is payroll service providers which often process payrolls for hundreds of clients concurrently. In turn, each of their clients could easily have anywhere from 200 to more than 500 employees to manage. In Ellis’ experience, these providers often wanted their own dedicated environments or “private clouds” for complete control and security. That meant, in addition to high-quality hosted infrastructure for the SeriousPayroll SaaS cloud offering, they also needed the ability to quickly provision dedicated capacity for their customers. Knowing their requirements, the search for the perfect hosting provider began.

Colocation? AWS? Azure? Not the answer!

The first step in Ellis’ search was to look at his past experiences. With one of Ellis’ previous payroll solutions, his team had used co-located hosting to run their web-based app. This option had three substantial disadvantages:

  1. It required their servers to be in proximity to the IT staff, which was located in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  2. Supplying updates to the software and infrastructure required scheduling with the data center days ahead of time.
  3. If any issues ever occurred, members of their team would have to rush over to the servers to solve the problems.

Thus, knowing Ellis’ vision for SeriousPayroll, he knew he couldn’t consider colocation this time around. For Ellis’ ground-breaking software, he needed something better, more scalable, less hands-on but still very secure. So Ellis continued his search. He looked high and low to find a provider that offered an exceptional hosting service and ability to quickly provision dedicated and secure capacity for customers. But despite his efforts, they were all coming up short. From AWS to Azure and others, none of them seemed like the right fit. Whether it was security, performance, reliability or capabilities, something was always awry.

Striking Gold with Codero

After learning about Codero’s exceptional hosting service through a Google search, Ellis dug a little deeper, did a bunch of homework, chatted with a Codero hosting expert and learned that Codero’s data centers are all SSAE 16 Compliant (and have been SAS 70 certified since 2010), and have a consistent record of reliability and uptime. Knowing SeriousPayroll would be secure on Codero’s servers, Ellis chose to host SeriousPayroll on dedicated servers for proof-of-concept and demonstration. He also noted that choosing Codero had the additional benefit of enabling SeriousPayroll to offer their clients the two distinct offering options they had envisioned:

  • SeriousPayroll Cloud: A subscription to SeriousPayroll’s SaaS cloud application running on Codero servers.  This option allows customers the lowest cost of entry.
  • SeriousPayroll Hosted License on a private dedicated cloud: A copy of SeriousPayroll running on a customer’s own dedicated server hosted by Codero, dedicated only to that customer.  This option allowed customers maximum security.

Then, when customers did opt for a SeriousPayroll Hosted License, the Codero Server Portal would make it easy for SeriousPayroll team members to scale, deploy and customize as many servers as needed in as little as an hour (which is record time). With these key features, in addition to Codero’s reliability and customer support, Ellis’ decision to host SeriousPayroll with Codero was an easy one.

SeriousPayroll: Ready to take the payment processing world by storm

Since teaming up with Codero, SeriousPayroll has successfully launched their SaaS cloud app and started providing the secure, powerful and reliable service that goes along with it. Their software, combined with Codero’s hosting services, will now help payroll service providers and businesses reduce IT costs, manage payroll and easily calculate taxes for 10,000 tax jurisdictions. According to SeriousPayroll’s Chief Software Architect, Ron Ellis, SeriousPayroll “has a bright future, and Codero plays a big part in that.” And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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