Jul 1, 2010

SEO and Website Hosting: Free Webcast.

If you are a search engine optimization (SEO) enthusiast, here’s your chance to learn something new.

Codero recently sponsored a webcast with industry expert and speaker Vanessa Fox. Vanessa is the creator of Google’s Webmaster Central and author of several books. If you missed this informative hour, fortunately you can still listen to it free on-demand.

When you are trying to launch a successful SEO campaign, the last thing you want is to be hindered by your web hosting provider.  From her experience on the frontline working for Google, Vanessa offers advice on how to select a web host. She suggests you find out if your hosting provider is thinking about search acquisition the same way you are. Ask questions like:

  • How do you handle search engine traffic?
  • Do you block bots when they overload the server?

Managing bot traffic is a big issue for the web host themselves. Enlist a web hosting company that understands how important search engine marketing is to you. And make sure that company has a robust architecture that can handle the load.

The webcast further explains:

  • What happens when bots overload the server.
  • How to use a shared site responsibly so you do not cause excessive crawls.
  • Which server operating systems are used.
  • And, how hosting services manage parked domains.

Participants also called in with their own personal questions like:

  • Do I have to buy managed hosting if I do not know how to configure a server?
  • What are the most effective ways to increase search engine ranking?
  • If I have dedicated hosting, what specifically can I do to address server speed?

Vanessa is also a contributing editor to where you can find many more answers to SEO challenges.

Check out, or share, the Codero-sponsored webcast now.

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