Mar 28, 2011

Safeguard the Security of your Transactional and Customer Data.

Cyber attacks are nothing new but they do seem to be increasing against governments and companies around the world. Google and Amazon have both weathered Internet disruptions, and now, even RSA, the security division of storage giant EMC Corp., suffered what they called an “advanced persistent threat” (APT) recently. RSA was victimized and lost information related to its two-factor authentication products which business people use to login to their corporate VPN.

There are a range of security solutions which can help protect the confidential data you store on our servers. Managed Firewall is the most popular Codero offering used for this. It acts as a protective barrier to stop attacks before they can damage a hosted server and your data. Managed Firewall is completely dedicated to your environment and automatically blocks unwanted incoming traffic to your server based on pre-configured rules. It guards against service interruptions giving you the highest level of security and ensuring business continuity is never impacted.

With Managed Firewall, you’re essentially buying peace of mind by taking a proactive approach against attacks. You can download a data sheet for more information.

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