Tony Anderson

Feb 29, 2016

#RTIME16 Recap

RTIME 2016

Thank you to everyone for a great RTIME conference! With both of our presenters – Chief Executive Officer, Emil Sayegh and Chief Network Officer, Jason Ackley – speaking about the cloud on the RTIME/NTCA certification tracks and an extremely busy booth, we experienced the best RTIME had to offer. View their presentations here and here.

What were the hot topics RTIME? Cybersecurity risks were on everyone’s mind as RLECs/ILECs look for solutions to protect their operations. Senior executives led a policy discussion on the impending FCC Universal Service Fund reform order. Several sessions dealt with the diversification of revenue streams and increasing average revenue per customer despite technological gaps and economic headwinds. RLEC and ILECs should all be seeking this strategy and increasing their footprint by going outside of their service areas. Most importantly, the event culminated in the election of one of our esteemed investors, Doug Boone, CEO of Premier Communications, as president of NTCA.

The cloud dominated many of the conversations we had with prospective RLEC/ILEC customers. As cloud hosting experts, Codero helps RLEC/ILEC business owners and representatives understand how cloud business models and capabilities can improve their share of customer revenue. Cloud computing is as ideal a solution for the rural marketplace as it is for major cities. RLEC/ILEC customers have a strong need for these services as business owners in these areas realize that they must compete globally, but at a price point that meets their operational realities.

If you didn’t make it to RTIME or want to reinforce what you learned during the show, our Codero Cloud experts are hosting a live webinar about how to monetize the cloud. Register today to attend: Launching the Cloud in Your Market.

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