Aug 18, 2016

The Risk of No Data Security

Every day, small businesses lose data on dedicated and cloud servers for a number of reasons, but the most incidents occur due to no data security. With the available technology options and services of today, those are unnecessary risks. These scenarios can affect a company strategically, financially, and even legally. Data Security

Minimizing risk is one reason why hosting and cloud computing services provide big advantages for small businesses. These services offer entrepreneurs cutting technology and capabilities that can be completely customized without a large up-front investment. Things like backup, continuity, and operations, in general, are the responsibility of the hosting company. This is an immense tactical business advantage, especially when losing control and the availability of company data is unacceptable.

Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting provide an edge

It’s been argued that the cloud is an inevitable solution that startups and small business face. High start-up costs and scalability are two big factors when a company is trying to survive or gain an edge. The path for each company is different, however. Many companies start that cloud journey with a dedicated server solution. As business needs grow, your services can grow along with it.

At Codero, our success is predicated on the success of our customers, a notion that is based on providing high-quality services. Starting with dedicated servers, adding managed servers to the mix, cloud servers, and ultimately, hybrid cloud servers, Codero has helped lower barriers into this market for clients around the world. Along with readily available enterprise-quality hardware and infrastructure at competitive rates, our pride is in providing exceptional support and value.

Transform your company with data security

If you’re looking to do what’s best for the growth and integrity of your company, recognize that high-quality service can transform and protect your business data. As a business solution, combined with excellent options and services, hosting and cloud services work – and that isn’t hype.

So the question is not should an emerging business engage with a cloud company, but how small businesses connect with the right provider. Eliminate risk, eliminate uncertainty and eliminate troubles by choosing to transform your business with hosting.

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