Emil Sayegh

Oct 23, 2013

Ready For Duty Sir! Codero’s New On-Demand Hybrid Cloud is Here!

Codero Launches the Industry’s Only True On-demand Hybrid Cloud

On the heels of our Cloud 2.0 launch, our new On-Demand Hybrid Cloud(TM) is Here and ready to serve the needs of our customers.

Last month we told you that all clouds are not alike and that all cloud providers were not alike. We are always looking towards the future and developing products that help define not only an industry, but a standard that puts the customer first. What will a great hybrid cloud service look like in the future? And how can we build that with Codero’s standards of value, reliability, and performance?

When Emil took the helm and joined Codero as CEO in January of 2012, we set our sights on answering those questions and building a superior product. The ultimate hybrid infrastructure is one that can be fit to your specific needs and in order to be a great hybrid configuration it has to be available when you need it, easy to deploy, and it must deliver incredible business value. With Codero’s new On-Demand Hybrid Cloud, the future is here and your best hybrid configuration is just a click away. We’ve brought together the power of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of cloud computing, available instantly and on-demand. There are no special “connect” devices or proprietary bridges involved, just one button that lets you scale into the cloud on your dedicated private network. Deployment and configuration can be done in minutes. It’s the industry’s first and only On-Demand Hybrid Cloud product.

Codero’s On-Demand Hybrid Cloud has an incredible feature lineup. If it’s rapid cloud scalability you need, you’ve got it – on-demand. That helps you deal with usage spikes or other situations when you need cloud flexibility. If it’s high-demand computing needs like databases, hybrid architecture means those systems don’t have to contend for I/O resources. You can leave those systems on high-performance bare-metal systems. You can also tune and customize network performance according to your needs and policies. You will only pay for as much network as you need. We’ve also made it easy to change the architecture within, including cloud servers, networking devices, and dedicated servers. We’ve built the ultimate combination of IT architecture and performance, completely customizable, and it’s available instantly on-demand with this exciting new platform.

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Just think of the fluid and efficient capabilities we’re talking about here.

IT initiatives and platforms can now be done better with this ultimate infrastructure. If you have scalable web applications and a dedicated back-end database to implement, this rapidly scalable platform is perfect. If you have failover application clustering you want to configure for Linux or Windows; if you have Big Data applications; if you have I/O resource intensive applications; if you want advanced disaster recovery; or if you have database clustering with shared storage – the list goes on and on – this platform is for you. We’ve made all those things simple to architect because it is hybrid, it’s cloud, and it’s high-performance systems in one platform, but most of all it is yours to customize – quickly, and easily, as you need it.

Our Hybrid Cloud stands alone in the industry and it will do what IT is meant to do – simplify, enable, and empower our customers’ needs. Other hybrid solutions in the market introduce the all-too familiar proprietary, complicated and overpriced solutions. Codero’s Hybrid Cloud means customers can run cloud instances and native dedicated in one private network, with the easiest and most flexible deployment in the industry.

So not only are we once again delivering cutting edge cloud products, we are also delivering on the core of our promise: value, service, and support. We back that with a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and 24/7/365 U.S.-based support.

This is the dawn of a unique and powerful cloud product. It’s a product based on flexibility and value; we expect to see great usability for so many types of customers in a wide variety of use cases. Codero’s On-Demand Hybrid is easy to use and easy to test drive. Why not give it a try?

We would love to hear your feedback after you’ve had a chance to try it, so please email us at product@codero.com, call (1-866-2-CODERO) or chat with us today. And stay tuned because we have more exciting product announcements coming later this month.

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