Dec 9, 2014

Startup Quertle Selects Codero Hosting, Increases Their Search Engine’s Performance by 1600%


Today, we’d like to announce the addition of another happy customer to the Codero hosting family. Here at Codero, we’re proud to support companies that are pioneers, visionaries, and mavericks in their fields. Startup and search engine Quertle is a perfect example of our customers taking their industries by storm. Quertle is reinventing search as we know it, and they’re doing it by using Codero’s hosting platform.

Quertle: An Award Winning Search Engine

Founded by scientists Jeff Saffer and Vicki Burnett, Quertle is an award-winning specialized, topical biomedical search engine, and for good reason. Quertle doesn’t just match terms and deliver results that might be relevant. Instead, it uses a combination of linguistic and statistical methods to deliver actually relevant results.


How? Well, to understand why Quertle is so much more effective, you should know that Quertle’s NLM award-winning search approach was specifically built from scratch to address the common pitfalls when searching through technical literature. That’s why, when executing a search, Quertle starts by first finding concept-based facts within documents. Once it’s found such a fact, Quertle adds it to its own database of about 300 million relationships. Then, once a user searches, Quertle references their relational database and rapidly reports the documents that are relevant, providing the user with exactly what they’re looking for. No more, no less.

As successful as Quertle is as a scientific literature search engine, its experiences with other hosting providers hasn’t always been so rosy.

Quertle Takes flight, but hits a performance wall with cloud hosting

When Quertle first got started, they knew they wanted to move fast. So they chose a cloud hosting provider for all the scalability and flexibility that cloud hosting is reputed for. However, they soon ran into typical performance issues that most companies with large I/O loads run into. They ran into what heir cloud providers were struggling to keep up with the volume of data they were processing, as well as provide the I/O speed they needed for such a complex search engine.

Without a computational and sound I/O architecture for their hosting infrastructure, Quertle began to experience big bottlenecks in I/O performance due to I/O contention that were not only frustrating, but impeding their development. They knew they needed to find something better.

Finding lightning-quick search engine performance with Codero

Given the nature of their product, it’s no surprise that Quertle’s founders knew how to search (wink, wink)  for the best hosting solution to support Quertle’s growth.  In fact, as co-founder Jeff Saffer put it, Our previous experiences with other hosting providers taught us what we absolutely needed. As experts in search, our hunt for a hosting provider that matched up to our stringent performance needs, coupled with excellent customer support, led us to Codero.”

So Quertle moved its entire website, with all its complexities and vast amounts of data, to Codero’s high-performing hosting infrastructure and dedicated servers. The result? No more performance issues. No more I/O bottlenecks and I/O contentions with other tenants. And even better: They experienced a 1600% increase in performance, reducing what was formerly an 82-hour process to a mere five hours with Codero’s powerful and highly-reliable technology.

Quertle: The world’s best biomedical search engine…and more

Since teaming up with Codero and improving their performance by 1600%, Quertle has been dreaming even bigger.  While biomedical literature was Quertle’s initial focus, with Codero on its side, the company plans to branch out into other verticals such as legal and finance to provide an innovative and speedy alternative to generic search engines.

All of us at Codero couldn’t be more excited to serve such a pioneering search engine. As Emil Sayegh, our President and CEO said, “Codero’s success is based on that of our customers, and we are thrilled to see Quertle successfully reinventing search technology.” Talk about inspiring!

To learn more about Quertle and how they can help physicians and medical researchers search through massive amounts of biomedical research, visit their website or checkout their blog.

To learn about how Codero can help launch your complex online application, chat now with one of our hosting experts.

And as always, if you’d like to share your Codero story, drop us a note at and we’ll be in touch.


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