Aug 12, 2010

Promise Of Good Things To Come

Codero team members recently attended HostingCon 2010 in Austin, Texas to pick up ideas and learn about the latest technology affecting the web hosting industry. The event and trade show specifically focused on Cloud. In this video from the event, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Elledge, talks about the future of the hosting industry. He also addresses upcoming initiatives at Codero and the product development occurring which will allow our company to deliver hybrid solutions of dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting.

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  • Tom

    Do you guys plan to offer cloud storage as well?

    • Shelby Garlock

      Tom, great question! We’ve had lots of requests for cloud storage and are looking to include it as part of a complete infrastructure product offering. We will be sure to announce it on our blog when it becomes available.

  • Tom

    Sounds great…. Any hints as to when it will be offered?

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