Mar 2, 2010

Positive Takeaways from Parallels Summit 2010.

Miami, Florida was the venue of this year’s conference and it did not disappoint. The following are responses to the question, “What is your largest takeaway from Parallel’s Summit 2010?” To make this more interesting, see if you can match the response to the appropriate person/organization. The respondents are:

A. Taylor Giddens, Codero

B. Andy Mahler, Applicure

C. Alyssa Felda, Parallels

D. Leeor Geva, LMG Solutions LLC

Takeaway #1

My largest takeaway from this past Parallels Summit was the number of hosting companies looking for additional revenue sources and products to offer their clients.  I heard how important security is and how customers are looking for the hosting companies to offer ways to help them meet PCI compliance.  I was also pleased to see a very good and enthusiastic turnout.

Takeaway #2

I’m keeping my eyes open for a hosted desktop solution for the small business.  I’m talking about law offices, interior designers, dentist offices—something that is highly secure (think medical and legal papers) and very flexible to run as a thin client.  Where all the data is constantly backed up, and the server isn’t sitting under the owner’s desk collecting dust…Since I’m talking about small businesses (1-10 employees), the monthly cost has to be competitive with that regular windows workgroup/domain scenario we see today.

It’s a dream that is slowly becoming a reality.

I look forward to the day I log on a website such as Codero’s and say “1. Create a network.  2. Add 1 server and 5 desktops 3. Install this software on the server, and this on the desktops”  and … done.  Client pays 1 bill every month, I manage the services and support the software, and you manage the infrastructure, backups, and other value-added services such as LogMeIn/VNC, anti-virus, etc.

How do you like my dream? 🙂

Takeaway #3

The Parallels Summit ‘10 presented the opportunity to meet many vendors that will allow XXX to expand the depth of our offerings, both for our current customers as well as our upcoming reseller program.  Along with meeting these vendors, many opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships were established.  On the technical front, many great ideas were presented to Parallels by the Parallels Advisory Council, which members are eager to find the results of.

Takeaway #4

The goal of the Parallels Summit 2010 was to help partners and customers develop new strategies to transform their business and learn how to leverage Parallels technology that enables new services, better compete in the market through differentiated offerings and improve profitability through growth and operational efficiencies.  If partners came away from Summit 2010 with new insights around the Cloud – specifically how the industry is changing direction and how new strategies need to be implemented for offering cloud services – then the event was a huge success!  In addition to knowledge gained, the Summit networking sessions enabled our attendees to cultivate new relationships and opportunities to profit from the Cloud. As for our own take away, the needs of partners came through loud and clear. And it wasn’t idle chatter.  Parallels will be taking the valuable feedback gathered at Summit and enhancing the technology roadmap and the Parallels Partner program to better enable partners’ success.  We hope that everyone who attended Summit 2010 left fully armed with new tools and ideas to market their businesses better and found value in the new Parallels Certification training program.

The answers to the matching game are: A3, B1, C4, D2. How well did you do?

Final thoughts: Buzz went around that Parallels is looking to host PS ’11 in Vancouver, Las Vegas, or New Orleans. If there is any validity to that claim, my vote is for New Orleans.

Did you attend Parallels Summit? If so, what is your biggest takeaway? If not, do you plan to attend next year?

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