Sep 21, 2010

PCI Compliance…Take The Quick Quiz.

Here at Codero, we’ve found those merchants who conduct business with their customers online, come to us with a lot of questions about PCI Compliance. Compliancy is something the Payment Card Industry (PCI) created. They wanted to set forth standards to help alleviate some of the challenges that go along with the transmission, storage and processing of cardholder data.Achieving compliance is a continuous process. But it helps to have a hosting solution that keeps you up and running reliably to accommodate those transactions. It is imperative that your website’s infrastructure is secure as well as your customer’s data. There are four levels of compliancy so your degree of responsibility can vary greatly. If you never process, transmit or store your customers’ credit card data, you can simply complete a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) as attestation of compliance. But if you do store credit card data, that’s when Codero advises you to put PCI standard practices into place to secure your networks.

Bob Russo, general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council, says the standard is working but education is needed to make sure smaller merchants know their responsibilities in regards to handling credit cards. He says a browser does not need to be secure but the server holding the data does. That’s where Codero can help.

Codero provides a total solution for you to manage your own PCI compliance. That way you can lesson risk and maintain a secure online transaction process.

Our data center has the technical infrastructure and hardware needed for PCI compliant space including a locked cage and strict access via badge readers. It meets the highest standards to guarantee safety for your information because it is SAS 70 certified.

Becoming PCI compliant is a process you can complete yourself relying upon our technical infrastructure and strategic security partnership.

You can also get answers when you download our Free White Paper or visit the PCI Security Council website.

Do you utilize E-commerce? What questions do you have about PCI Compliance? Let us know and we’ll tap into our engineers here at Codero and give you answers.

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