Jun 9, 2015

NETGEAR Connects You to the World with Codero Hosting

NETGEAR is one of the biggest names in the world of tech. Its networking products connect people to the internet and give businesses the networking, storage, and security solutions to excel. NETGEAR has worked hard to maintain its status as the leader in connecting the world to the internet, and recently started using Codero’s hosting platform to continue its global growth.

The History of NETGEAR

NETGEAR began in 1996 to focus on providing networking solutions for small businesses and homes. NETGEAR was the brainchild of Patrick Lo, a Brown University graduate who saw his family rush to claim his home’s single dial-up connection each night. Lo knew that his couldn’t be the only house with this type of issue, and saw a market for networking products that would allow multiple computers to connect to a single Internet account.

NETGEAR Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Patrick Lo

NETGEAR Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Patrick Lo

With investment from Lo’s employer, an enterprise networking equipment provider, NETGEAR was founded in January 1996. As broadband internet connections became more popular, NETGEAR’s reputation and the SOHO market grew. After being sold to Nortel Networks in 1998, NETGEAR eventually spun off as its own company in 2000 that sold a full range of networking equipment, including firewall-equipped network routers, cable modems, telephone-line networking products, and more.

Today, the company is one of the market leaders in the home and business markets. Recently, the company became a leader in LTE hotspots and cable gateways.

NETGEAR & Codero Hosting


Recently, NETGEAR began searching for a new hosting provider after needing rapidly scalable, high-performance, external servers to perform comprehensive testing on its newest family of products: LTE mobile hotspots and LTE routers.

The array of Codero-hosted servers that NETGEAR is currently using for testing are part of the company’s extensive infrastructure which combines both public cloud-based systems and on-premise systems.

Senior Software Test Engineer Thinh Nguyen began searching for appropriate hosting providers to test LTE Hotspot performance.  After searching ‘top ten hosting companies,’ Nguyen found Codero. Comparing Codero to several other cloud and dedicated server hosting companies, NETGEAR selected Codero based on its offering of superior performance features. After initial testing, Nguyen said “the throughput performance is very high compared to other server hosting companies we have worked with in the past.” His observation was almost identical to that of other Codero customers, who have seen huge increases in throughput performance. Codero’s infrastructure helps NETGEAR ensure maximum performance and quality of its wireless connectivity products.

CES 2015 & NETGEAR’S Plans for the Future

Some companies may rest on their laurels after becoming a market leader in a category. Just like Codero, NETGEAR continues to innovate, improve their products, and expand into other areas of the tech sector.

NETGEAR won 6 CES Innovation Awards at this year’s show. Some of these award-winning products (the AC1900 High Power WiFi Range Extender, Nighthawk® X6 AC3200 Tri-Band WiFi Router, and the Nighthawk® X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router) are the best-ever versions of the kind of products you normally associate NETGEAR with.

But NETGEAR also won a CES Innovation Award for the AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot. In today’s fast-paced society, being able to connect on the go is more important than ever. NETGEAR’s AirCard 785 is one of the best devices on the market to let you stay connected, and Codero’s infrastructure is helping ensure NETGEAR is able to properly test this device.


NETGEAR Arlo Security Camera

NETGEAR has also emerged as a key player in the smart home with Arlo, a top-selling WiFi security camera and another CES 2015 Innovation Award winner. Arlo is the first 100% wire-free, HD Smart Home security camera. With the smart home and the Internet of Things (IoT) poised to be massive businesses over the next decade, NETGEAR has set itself up for continued innovation in every market it tackles.

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