Nov 23, 2009

Monday Miscellany: “Unfriend”, Internet for Nobel, and More.

It’s finally happened: social media has risen to the top of our everyday terminology. The New Oxford American Dictionary just announced “unfriend” as its 2009 Word of the Year. That’s right: unfriend (verb) “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.” Other Internet/technology words considered this year include hashtag, netbook and paywall, as well as Twitt, Tweeple and other common Twitter terms. Check out the full list here.

Also big news is the new worldwide campaign to nominate the net for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. Wired magazine reports on “Internet for Peace”, launched last week by Wired Italy:

“The internet can be considered the first weapon of mass construction, which we can deploy to destroy hate and conflict and to propagate peace and democracy,” said Riccardo Luna, editor-in-chief of the Italian edition of Wired magazine. “What happened in Iran after the latest election, and the role the web played in spreading information that would otherwise have been censored, are only the newest examples of how the internet can become a weapon of global hope.”

For more info or to sign the petition, go to Internet for Peace.

In case you’re looking for more random thoughts and interesting tidbits for Monday, see these:

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