Emil Sayegh

Nov 13, 2015

Super Heroes Need Super Hosting!

In an age of digital media, analog comic book collecting is still going strong. A lot of that has to do with top-tier comic book shops offering bestsellers, like Batman, Star Wars, Justice League, and many others. And unlike the music industry, the rise of digital comic distribution has increased demand for hard copy comics. Midtown Comics has grown to handle this demand as one of America’s most prominent online and brick and mortar comic book retailers.

How to Handle More than 1 Million SKUs

“We had to build our own systems. Nothing else could satisfy the byzantine needs of the comics industry!”

— Leo Collazo, CFO at Midtown Comics

The comic industry poses a specific problem for retailers in the space; there are an endless amount of titles, special editions, and new issues. This means even small comic retailers carry more SKUs than most typical small businesses.

Midtown, as a leader in the space, carries more than 1 million SKUs. To scale, Midtown had to build its inventory management system and its ecommerce platform from scratch.

mclogo-minPlanning for Year-Round Busy Seasons

Midtown Comics has to prepare for massive sales spikes on any given week.

“The comics market demand is volatile,” said Collazo. “Any given week, an exciting new release could turn out to be the year’s true ‘busy season.’”

In order to deal with these sudden upswings in business, Midtown Comics had to modernize the way it fulfilled orders. Midtown built its own warehouse management system to control inventory and shipping process. Midtown also keeps a robust and flexible infrastructure to deal with businesses spikes.

“Having a hosting partner that can help you scale up is key when you’re dealing with volatile web traffic,” says Collazo.

You Need Complex Infrastructure for Custom Applications

“Codero’s team of experts is always there to help us scale and keep our technology moving forward,” says Collazo.

As mentioned before, Midtown Comics built its ecommerce, inventory management and warehouse management tools from scratch.

Midtown Comics hosts these core systems and mobile apps on a multi-server hybrid array at Codero. Noting the diagram, you’ll see Midtown has its web and database servers separated and mirrored to maximize performance and ensure high availability.


Keeping Up with Midtown Comics

If you’re in the New York area, swing by one of Midtown’s locations and see its awesomeness first-hand! For everyone else, you can keep up with Midtown on its Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as through its weekly podcast, which you can find on iTunes.

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