Feb 1, 2011

Meticulous Planning Was Behind Successful Migration.

Migrations can be tricky. That’s why the engineers here at Codero spent months developing a comprehensive workflow process to make sure our last server migration was seamless.

About this time last year, Codero began plans for a migration from its San Diego, California facility to its premier data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The move was prompted by a need to support expansion, performance, and network redundancy. A press release on the Codero migration shows the positive response we received from customers during and after the transition. You can read it here.

Codero engineers wanted to make absolutely certain the customer data from the San Diego locale was accessible as quickly as possible after the move to Phoenix. San Diego customers were contacted many times by email. The communications let them know when the migration would take place and helped them feel at ease that business would not be interrupted long.

A recent study shows data center consolidation is a top concern of IT managers with the majority saying they had less than 60% of their migrations meet their budgetary and timeline requirements.

The success of our San Diego migration was in part due to the vast experience Codero has in the process. That is not always the case with every infrastructure provider. Upcoming plans at Codero call for on-demand access to a Cloud infrastructure which will require migration for some of our customers as well as new customers.

If you’re going to migrate to Cloud with Codero, the flawless execution of our most recent migration should give you complete peace of mind for your own transition.

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