Aug 23, 2012

Manager of Provisioning Jarrod Smith Rocks Servers to the Racks for Codero Customers

Last week was a Record Number of Codero Dedicated Servers Deployed

Jarrod Smith was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He’s a Codero veteran, joining the company as a support technician back in 2003. Since that time, a lot has happened and Codero has grown to be a hosting powerhouse with thousands of customers worldwide. Jarrod has worked his way up to be the Manager of the provisioning team at Codero’s Phoenix data center and he has really made himself an integral member of the Codero family. He loves the Codero culture, and embodies it in every way.

Jarrod Smith, Manager of Provisioning

Jarrod Smith – Manager of Provisioning

“The Codero culture to me is a casual environment where everyone knows what needs to be done and does it,” said Jarrod.  “It makes for a very comfortable working environment and it’s easy to get up to come to work because I love my job.  The people at Codero are smart, hungry to learn new technology, and always accountable.”

For Jarrod, there’s no greater feeling than provisioning and deploying customized and cloud server solutions for customers, precisely how they want it, and when they need it. And, provisioning a record number of servers in a single day is even better and a source of great pride for Jarrod and his team!  That was Jarrod and team did last week to feed the appetite of the rapidly growing Codero customer base.

It is so second nature, Jarrod and his team even has their own slang for slinging customer server orders. With his distinguishable California accent, Jarrod calls it ‘rocking the servers to the racks.’ It is how you might say, ‘wow you really rocked that server setup out!’

Jarrod has seen an evolution of the Codero brand from a startup player in the hosting industry, to an industry leader whose network reliability, performance, and value are unequaled.

What’s his recipe for success? It’s a combination of maniacal focus on automation and customer service.

”Our customers love that we have a  very dedicated team and that they can depend on us to be responsive no matter what their issue is, at whatever time of the day or night” A lot of our customers know us by name. That means we‘ve come through for them before and we’ll continue to do so in the future. That’s just what we do,” said Jarrod with his constant disarming smile.

“Over the past several years, we’ve worked hard to get to a consistent, reliable process for one-hour dedicated server deployments—and we’ve succeeded,” said Jarrod. “Not only have we built automation into the process, we’re working smarter.  My team pre-builds servers on racks, with the motherboard and CPUs loaded. That way when we get a customer ticket, we can have it customized and provisioned fast, often within 30 minutes if a standard config.  Now even better, with Smart Servers and Cloud the provisioning is within minutes.”

Jarrod loves working for Codero because of the people he gets to work with every day. His team is comprised of smart, energetic technology specialists who have provisioning, tech geekeness, and stellar customer support spliced into their DNA.

Jarrod and his team, along with CEO Emil Sayegh

Jarrod and part of the provisioning team, along with CEO Emil Sayegh

He also enjoys the autonomy his team has to blueprint its own provisioning framework. This allows the Phoenix provisioning team to implement and test various ideas that focus on putting the customers’ needs first and making the customer experience better each and every time a server is provisioned.  The ideas that Jarrod and team pioneer in Phoenix get rolled out to all the other Codero Data Centers.

In addition to the solutions Jarrod and his team watch over in Phoenix, Codero offers a broad and growing portfolio of solutions at our Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia data centers.

If you share Jarrod’s passion for excellence, join Codero and start experiencing first hand our exceptional reliability, performance and value. We’re just a phone call or chat away! Or, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!




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