Love is in the Air: How Codero Spreads the Love with Valentine’s Day Reliability

Flower Shop Network Bouquet Flowers! Candy! Romance! No, it’s not opening of a new romantic movie; it’s time for Valentine’s Day and the month of love! Although love is in the air, you will see those in the floral industry busy as bees. This includes online ordering for all the cupids and lovers who want flowers for loved ones!

Now you might say, “How many flowers can Valentine’s Day have?” Well, let me tell you this: according to, there were over 224 million, yes, million roses produced and sold online in 2012. That’s A LOT of flower love and online ordering!

Flower Shop Network knows this all too well. As someone in the floral industry and a Codero customer, they come to depend on reliable & scalable hosting to fulfill their customer’s demands – especially during the month of love!

Who is Flower Shop Network?
Flower Shop Network hosts a nation-wide network of florists that connect flower-hungry lovers to local florists. Think of them as a match making service for flowers and shoppers, and all online!

Flower Shop Network LogoTo Flower Shop Network, flowers are more than business; flowers are a way of life. They want to help all the local florists grow and find the right customers that love flowers as much as they do! Doing this, they help lovers and other shoppers celebrate life’s special moments – with the right florist for their special occasion!

Not only do they match local florists with shoppers, they help them with ideas, websites and marketing. Oh, did we say websites? Ah, there again is where a reliable and scalable hosting provider comes into play!

How Codero Helps Flower Shop Network
To keep small to medium florists up and running, Flower Shop Network depends on scalable servers from Codero. For certain times of the year, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Codero answers the call with 1-hour, Quick Deploy Servers and Smart Servers that scale up their in-house infrastructure.

Along with those special events, Flower Shop Network utilizes Codero for failover, for those times when they have an outage at their in-house facility. This happened before when a huge ice storm came to town, and Codero “backed them up” and ensured that their customers did not feel the blip.

Flower Shop Network also loves Codero for its team of customer service professionals.

We love the peace of mind knowing our customers can rest easy with 100% uptime and exceptional customer service. When we have questions, they are so easy to work with and know exactly how to solve anything we can throw at them. We would recommend Codero to all our colleagues!”

Just like major events, including: Black Friday or Super Bowl, these events bring in LOTS of web traffic and orders. With such a massive amount of shoppers banging down your virtual door, the last thing you want is your website to go down. That’s the same thing for those in the floral business during the month of love; they MUST have a reliable and scalable hosting environment!  And that is when Codero is the match made in heaven.

What lessons have you learned during peak times in your own industry? Is your business in need of scalability? Our Smart Servers, 1Hr Quick Deploy Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers were specially designed for these types of seasonal growth businesses.

Scale Your Business with Codero
To join Flower Shop Network and feel the love from Codero, with reliable and scalable hosting solutions, call 1-866-2-CODERO or chat with us today.

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