Jul 13, 2012

Join us in Boston for HostingCon 2012!

Emil Sayegh - CEO Codero Hosting

Emil Sayegh – CEO

Do you love hosting? If yes, then HostingCon 2012 is a must! It is for Codero’s CEO Emil Sayegh and our COO Ryan Elledge. Along with others at Codero, Emil and Ryan will be in Boston, MA, July 15-18, attending the event and meeting customers and partners. Hopefully you will be there as well, and if you are let us know.

Ryan Elledge - COO Codero Hosting

Ryan Elledge – COO 

Whether you’re an event attendee, a Codero customer, an entrepreneur, or you just love talking shop, feel free to stop and speak with Emil or Ryan anytime during these four days if you see them around the event floor. They are extremely excited about the upcoming week, and can’t wait to connect with you. They’re psyched to hear your thoughts and insights about the latest and greatest technology and trends around the hosting services industry. You can also reach out to them by email ( or on Twitter – @relledge or @esayegh.

HostingCon is the industry’s premier educational and networking event. With industry- leading speakers, analysts, the media, and innovative businesses, the event covers sales and marketing, industry trends, technology, and management trends and issues that affect the hosting services arena.

Codero at the Event
– Meet-up: Monday, July 16 at 3:30 PM. Grafton Street Pub & Grill near Harvard Square. 1230 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA. Join Emil and Ryan to talk about your business and the industry over a beer and appetizers. RSVP.

Official Sponsor – Executive Cocktail Party for the i2 Coalition: Hosting Company CEOs by Invite only. Contact us for more information.

Codero is a founding member of the i2 coalition. The i2 Coalition is an organization that understands the damaging and dangerous implications of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect-IP Act (PIPA under consideration. Codero and other members of the i2 Coalition strongly oppose both SOPA and PIPA legislation and assert that the current Digital Millennium Copyright Act, already in place, protects intellectual property rights online. And, further tampering with Internet copyright legislation would unreasonably infringe on the rights of United States citizens to freely publish and access information over the internet.

Be sure to keep up with us on the road. Check out our events calendar to see where else we have been and where we are going. We always love meeting up with our customers and partners, so don’t be shy. If there is an event in your area, feel free reach out or just stop on by. Hope to see you soon.




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