Emil Sayegh

Jul 2, 2012

Jason x 2 = Spectacular Results

Jason Ackely, Codero Hosting - Director of Network Engineering

Jason Ackely, Director of Network Engineering (and all around networking rock star)

As many of you know, the Codero team is growing in leaps and bounds. After announcing last week our new Data Center in Ashburn, I am extremely proud and excited to officially welcome two of our newest employees: Jason and Jason! That’s right, that’s double the Jason power under one roof! Jason Ackely has been hired as our Director of Network Engineering.  Jason Tayar joins us as Director of New Sales. I am thrilled to welcome these two gentlemen to the Codero family. I am confident they will thrive here; supporting their team and delivering rock-solid dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services.

Jason Ackely joins us from Rackspace, where he was the network architect responsible for the deployment of new data centers, as well as cloud computing network scaling and optimizations. He was also responsible for implementing IPv6, 10Gbps deployment, and outage root cause analysis for Rackspace. Jason is a true thought leader and also very involved in the networking community. He assists vendors in developing industry specs and tests implementations for new products. Before he became an expert in networking for cloud computing and hosting, he worked in Healthcare networking. He also worked in the online gaming (Sony and Sega), financial, and ISP services industries.

Networking is the pillar and foundation of cloud and dedicated hybrid hosting, and Jason’s skill set and desire to shape the future of these technologies will help us to continue to pave the way for these revolutionizing hybrid hosting solutions (check out my opening blog post to read more about where we’re going and how Jason will help us get there).

Jason is an ‘extreme geek’ (of course, that’s an extreme compliment) and is a very exciting person to speak with.  In fact, he was just telling me about the micro controllers he purchased that he could program in C++ to monitor the airflow and temperature in his attic.

Believe it or not, Jason also likes to get away from the keyboard once and a while to go hunting, camping, biking, motorcycling, flying (fixed wing and rotary), and skating. He has a wife, 2 kids and lives in Cibolo, TX between Austin and San Antonio.

Did we save the best for last? It’s just so hard to decide! On to Jason Tayar, Codero Director of New Sales.

 Jason Tayar, Codero Hosting - Director of New Sales

Jason Tayar, Director of New Sales

Jason comes to us from Hosting.com where he led and managed the Channel Partner Program and Sales Lead Development teams. Prior to that, he worked at Rackspace in a number of different sales roles ranging from Sales Training Director to Sr. Manager of Sales. Jason built one of the most successful and well respected sales teams at Rackspace and was an integral piece in building Hosting.com’s entire infrastructure. Jason has a killer skill set: a combination of being a stellar sales leader and inspiring sales trainer and coach.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Jason is now leading the sales charge at Codero. His experience and background in the industry will help us take the new sales team, and our entire organization, to the next level.  Knowing Jason and his awesomely contagious attitude, he will make an immediate positive impact on our team and our customers. His “refuse to loose” attitude meshes perfectly with our extreme commitment to serving customers.

Jason joins us from Denver, CO where he is an avid snow- and wake boarder. He went to Colorado State for his undergraduate degree, and he recently had his first son who is 5 months new. Oh and big surprise here; like any good sales guy he also loves to boat and play golf!

If you are also interested in joining our growing family in Austin, Kansas City, or Phoenix, please check out our careers page. As a side note, we are actually considering hiring non-Jasons. So don’t lose hope Justins, Craigs, Seans and Kaseys of the world! If you’re ridiculously smart and love cloud, and hosting technologies, show us what you’ve got.

Please join me in giving both Jasons a big, warm Welcome to Codero!


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